Each student experiences a diversified and professional arts program delivered in a way that is uniquely Nueva. We want our gifted learners to:

  • Follow their creativity and passions, seeing themselves as capable artists

  • Develop a lifelong passion to use the arts as a language of expression no matter what discipline they are working in

  • Maintain the undiluted desire to explore and create that our very youngest students bring to Nueva
  • Experience and interpret the vast world of historical and contemporary art that they will encounter in their lives from the informed position of participant as well as observer

We invite you to explore the ways in which the arts are intrinsically woven into the student experience. 

Develop the Artist's Skills and Attitude

Our students learn techniques through meaningful experience. They develop capabilities in ways that capitalize on their innate curiosity and their desire to create, and they come to view themselves as artists. We expose students to a wide variety of materials, tools, and methods that build competencies.

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Integrate the Arts throughout the Curriculum

Art is an important form of expression across the curriculum, allowing students to demonstrate understanding while improving their artistry. Integration combined with student choice enriches understanding as students illustrate topics and make connections in ways deeply meaningful to them.

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Provide Choices for Deep Immersion

Choice is a foundational principle of a Nueva education, and students select from a wide array of arts offerings. They have Choice in first grade, Academies in fourth through eighth, and after-school activities and a broad selection of Electives beginning in seventh grade. 

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