2020–21 Reopening and Hybrid Learning Information

[updated January 13, 2021]

Nueva is a mission driven school where learning is complex and social. Our students thrive in classes with their teachers, where they are able to do hands-on labs or be given the book, in the moment, that will perfectly extend their discussion. While remote learning has demonstrated again the depth of professionalism and talent of our teachers, nothing replaces being face to face (or these days, mask to six-foot distanced mask).

With a collective commitment from all of us to prioritize the health and wellness of all community members, including our faculty and staff, and an understanding that our learning models this year will inevitably continue to adjust to a constantly shifting landscape, we have brought students back to campus purposefully, safely, and joyfully. 

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2020–21 Email Updates

April 19, 2021: Message from the Head of School
Lee Fertig, head of school

December 14, 2020: January 2021 Update
Lee Fertig, head of school

November 24, 2020: Remote Learning Extended After Thanksgiving Break
Nueva Leadership Team

October 25, 2020: From Remote Learning to Nueva Flex
Lee Fertig, head of school

September 30, 2020: Planning Our Return to Campus
Lee Fertig, head of school

September 11, 2020: Update on the Lower School Waiver and Reopening Plan
Nueva Leadership Team

August 28, 2020: Health and Safety Plan for Return to Campus
Nueva Leadership Team

August 21, 2020: Nueva's Remote Learning Program 3.0
Lee Fertig, head of school

July 24, 2020: Important Message from the Head of School
Lee Fertig, head of school

Frequently Asked Questions

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Testing Dashboard

[updated 5/25/21]
  Week Ending May 23, 2021 Cumulative Total Since Oct. 8, 2020
Tests* 1,060 20,385
Cases* 2 20
% Positive 0.19% 0.10%
Quarantines** 2 5
Onsite transmission 0 0

* Onsite and offsite surveillance testing
** All close contacts of a case requiring quarantine are contacted by the school, testing partner, and San Mateo County Health. If you are not contacted, you are not considered a close contact and are not required to quarantine. 

NuevaFlex Summer 2020 Pilot Programs

In a series of NuevaFlex pilots conducted during summer 2020, a volunteer team of students, faculty, and staff explored what learning on campus could look like when we prepare for a return to campus.

Lower School

Middle School

Upper School


What does #NuevaTogether look like for you? Take a look below and email photos to communications@nuevaschool.org!

It is important to remember that "diseases can make anyone sick regardless of their race or ethnicity. People of Asian descent, including Chinese Americans, are not more likely to get COVID-19 than any other American” (Source: CDC). Please help stop rumors, fear-mongering, and discrimination from spreading by letting people know that being of Asian descent does not increase the chance of getting or spreading COVID-19.