The Nueva

Welcome to the Hillsborough Campus Library

The Hillsborough Campus Library serves the Lower and Middle Schools through its mission: to support reading and research skills, promote literacy, and develop a community of dedicated, passionate readers who find lifelong joy in reading. Every student can find books that resonate with them and find pleasure in reading, while also growing comprehension.

Our library program expands and enriches students' lives through literature and art from diverse cultures and times. Balanced information, excellent writing, myriad perspectives, multicultural exposure, and different genres shape resource selection.

We offer a wealth of print and digital research resources to help develop independent, self-motivated, disciplined learners and agile thinkers who use critical and creative thinking skills to find, analyze, and evaluate information, recognize problems, formulate hypotheses, ask important questions, and reach valid conclusions and creative syntheses. The research process is inquiry-based, and projects provide opportunities for students to use print and electronic resources to explore, select, understand, and evaluate information.