Campus Visitor Policy

Nueva Visitor Policy
Updated March 29, 2023

Health Self-Screen: Required

Before coming to campus: 

  • Do you have any symptoms of any illness currently or within the last 24 hours? 
  • Are you currently fulfilling a required isolation/quarantine for COVID-19 or other communicable illness? 
  • Are you awaiting a test result for COVID-19 or other communicable illness? 

If you answer YES to ANY question, DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS. 


  • Indoor masking remains welcome and supported on campus, but not required; masks available onsite.

COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Vaccinations and boosters are strongly recommended.

COVID-19 Screening Testing

We may require COVID-19 testing:

  • In the last week, have you traveled or gathered involving longer duration close contact with unknown public parties—i.e., at large indoor events, in transit (airplanes/airports and trains/stations), or in other high-risk settings?  
    • If NO: You are welcome to come to campus. 
    • If YES: Since traveling/gathering, have you tested negative?
      • If YES: You are welcome to come to campus. 
      • If NO: Please do not come to campus. 

Driving Directions

Hillsborough Campus
6565 Skyline Boulevard
Hillsborough, CA 94010

Print driving directions to Hillsborough

San Mateo Campus
131 E 28th Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403

Print driving directions to San Mateo