Visible Learning Project


The Visible Learning Project (VLP) aims to authentically document learning for the Nueva community. 

Exhibits are displayed at each division, and provide students, teachers, parents, and campus visitors with a dynamic, informative space to celebrate and reflect upon learning at Nueva. Topics have included everything from the Upper School internship program and the Innovative Teacher Program (ITP) to the second grade exploration of immigration and the seventh grade study of global commodities.


Over the course of an academic year, each grade participates in the documentation process, capturing the full life cycle of a project from inception through completion, presentation, and assessment.

Displays include:

  • Project overviews of divisions, objectives, and disciplines
  • Photos and examples of brainstorming and preliminary work
  • Interviews with teachers and students
  • Iterations of inquiry and process
  • Documentation of final results

2019–2020 VLP Displays