At Nueva, every student learns to make choices that benefit the world.


Through our emphasis on global citizenship, one of the foundational pillars of the Nueva experience, we encourage students to engage with cultures and practices very different than their own. In our increasingly interconnected world, it is imperative for us to cultivate diverse perspectives. When they venture into the world, Nueva students lead with empathy, are civically astute, and use their unique voices to address the issues that matter to them.


Global Citizenship Is Woven into the Academic Curriculum

From PreK to 12, starting with exposure to and celebration of diverse perspectives, we prepare students to understand, communicate, and solve problems in this interconnected world.

In and out of the classroom, students develop self-awareness, understanding their own cultural identities and seeing other cultural perspectives, building authentic empathy. Our focus on Global Citizenship begins in lower school, where students see themselves as contributing members in classrooms and collaborative teams while they practice community building and service. In middle school, through studies that allow them to discover the complexities of human history and interdependence, they deepen their understanding of the world, and their experience in it, as an interconnected whole. When they enter the Upper School, students are awakened to the history, politics, economies, values, and beliefs of different cultures for deep insight into what makes people who they are. Across all divisions, they grapple with thorny global issues and are challenged to use Design Thinking to identify, initiate, and implement solutions.


A Nueva education fosters good citizenship, community, and democracy in the classroom. As students practice global citizenship, they draw upon their SEL skills, gained through the rigor and richness of the SEL program. In stepping into the role of community stewardship, they develop awareness of their needs and their impacts on others.

The Trips Program

Since its founding, Nueva has believed in the power of learning outside the walls of our campuses. Each year, students and faculty travel the country and the globe to live our mission—of enabling our students to make choices that benefit the world—by seeing the world. Trips include a first-grade overnight on campus, local camping trips in the upper elementary grades, a visit to our nation’s capital in sixth grade, international language trips in eighth grade, and weeklong domestic and international trips in the Upper School. Nueva trips have for many years provided capstone experiences.

Nueva's Global Citizenship Task Force

"Nueva students relish different cultural perspectives. They immerse themselves in world cultures while suspending their own judgments and beliefs to understand and appreciate new views and values. This enables them to forge unique paths as coalition builders, healers, and diplomats with a broad worldview as context."