Middle School News

Sixth Graders Share Their Favorite Words
LiAnn Yim, Digital Communications Manager

Writing teachers Evan Bartz and Katie Saylor asked sixth-grade students to share their favorite words. 

"It helps them start thinking about words," Katie says. "It introduces them to the idea that this whole year in writing they'll be examining words and thinking about word choice."

Over the course of the year, they will dissect the etymology of words and closely examine word choice in the texts they read and the writing they produce. What is your favorite word?

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Civil Rights Activists Inspire Sixth-grade Humanities Class

“One of the learning goals for our study of the Civil Rights Era has been for my students to see examples of young people making change and for them to realize they are never too young to effect change,” said sixth-grade humanities teacher Evan Bartz.

Student musicians performing.

Our concert series, Succulent Sound Garden, is adapting to the times. We’re now Sofa Sound Garden! From living rooms to kitchen tables, backyards to garages, Nueva students and faculty will continue to share their love of music from home.

Eighth Graders Explore Cultural Graphic Novels

The eighth-grade writing class is another example of how Nueva teachers are thinking outside the box in order to add a splash of excitement and fun to remote learning. The graphic novel unit uses the Canvas platform, and our eighth graders are enjoying a different form of storytelling.