Middle School News

Meet a Maverick: Reid D., Grade 6
Mitzi Mock

Meet sixth grader Reid D.: rapper, actor, and Nueva maverick. He has an insatiable passion for music. Last semester, he received the class assignment of his dreams, courtesy of his humanities teacher, Gary Kaplan. Inspired by the hip-hop-driven Broadway musical Hamilton, Gary invited students to simulate a debate between Federalists and Anti-Federalists in the form of a rap battle.

Hear more about Reid’s passion for music, and listen to his rap performance—the Federalist Papers are no match for this mic drop!

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Eighth Graders Explore Cultural Graphic Novels

The eighth-grade writing class is another example of how Nueva teachers are thinking outside the box in order to add a splash of excitement and fun to remote learning. The graphic novel unit uses the Canvas platform, and our eighth graders are enjoying a different form of storytelling.

Reid D. grade 6

Hamilton fans, listen up! The Federalist Papers are no match for this mic drop. Watch rapper and sixth grader Reid D. run rhymes around our founding fathers.