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Culminations Showcase Students' Creativity

Students shared various creative projects during the recent arts and electives culminations on both campuses. Nueva students led family members and friends on tours of their coursework and shared musical performances, designs, robotics projects, chemistry experiments, and more.

“Culminations are a terrific chance for students to showcase what they have been working on and exploring with curiosity in their classes,” noted journalism and yearbook teacher LiAnn Yim. Sixth grader Firefly F. explained that “it’s a really good experience to share your work during culmination because then your parents and friends’ parents can see what you’re doing in school, and they can really see what Nueva’s about.”

At Bay Meadows on December 1, Nueva’s upper division hallways were filled with student work from their electives. Students and faculty members readied with excitement for the evening of sharing projects such as jazz compositions, designs for social good, and a poetry reading communicated through sign language. Twelfth grader Joseph Q. explained that he chose the American Sign Language elective because he felt that it was “important to communicate with allpeople.” Students from each grade proudly explained their projects and experiences across the nearly sixty electives offered to upper school students. The evening highlighted the varied interests of Nueva learners and provided a window into the classes that students have been enjoying since the start of this school year.

“Culminations provide the opportunity for students to have an authentic audience for all of the hard work that they have been doing," explained eighth-grade biology teacher Tom McFadden, who also teaches a science rap elective. Middle schoolers celebrated their culmination event on the Hillsborough campus on Friday, December 8, similarly inviting the larger community into the classes that have been capturing student passions since September. Sixth grader Ludmila N. explained her excitement as she prepared for her first Arts and Elective Culmination as a Nueva middle schooler: “I’m excited because I enjoy showing my artwork to other people and seeing the emotions that they go through as they as see it."

Eighth grader Jack T. shared that “culminations are a great way to show off what we’ve learned. It’s student-run and a great way to learn from students about the subjects that they know a lot about and care a lot about; students are all passionate about what they are learning and each class.”

 December 13, 2017

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Love of Learning on Display at Eighth Grade Recital Night

A bicycle-powered blender, a mixed media art portfolio, a time management app, a moving song about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida – Creativity and variety were on display at this year’s Recital Night on Thursday, April 11 when Nueva eighth-graders presented their inspiring and meaningful year-long projects to teachers, parents, and peers. 

Student presents at Silk Road Bazaar

The Silk Road curriculum sets students on an immersive journey across 7,000 miles and more than 2,500 years. It exemplifies Nueva’s commitment to interdisciplinary learning, as humanities, science, and writing are intertwined.

MIddle School Boys' Basketball

Record numbers of students joined winter basketball and soccer to play and learn by doing. Nueva’s K-8 Physical Education Teacher and Athletics Coordinator and three faculty coaches reflect on The Nueva Way in their successful 2019 season.

Nueva Fifth Graders Meet Their Inspiration

Over the last year, the students of Nueva’s current fifth grade class have been on a mission to make a difference. Inspired by an episode of the Netflix series, The Kindness Diaries by Leon Logothetis, they sought to help children without access to clean water.

Last year as fourth graders in Matt Berman’s class, the students discovered there were no books for kids their age on the Greco-Persian Wars (part of their study of ancient Greece), so they wrote one of their own, published it on Amazon, and it quickly became the top-selling book in the Children's History category for two months.

Eighth graders dressed in suits meet with their friends on graduation day

On Friday, 86 eighth graders and their families gathered at Nueva's Hillsborough campus for one final celebration before advancing to high school (and beyond!).

The eighth-grade class of 2018 worked tirelessly to present, rhyme, and sing their appreciations of Nueva in 100 words or less. Together they reminisced over their completed STARPAP projects, painted exquisite literary memories of the Yosemite trip, and delivered clever, pithy speeches in true Nueva fashion.

Middle School Head Liza Raynal concluded her own 100-word address with, "Each student's speech will centuplicate the reasons why we are so proud to be the adults in their lives."

Middle School Students Host Nueva's First-Ever Hackathon

On Saturday, April 28, two Nueva middle school students hosted the first-ever Nueva Hackathon, a design event where people interested in computer programming and software development collaborate intensively to create usable software over a short period of time. This all-inclusive event was the brainchild of middle-schoolers Yash N. and Taher V., who organized the Hackathon with Twitter co-creator Dom Sagolla, who was one of the presenters amongst the 60 participants and attendees.

GoBabyGo! Students Engineer Vehicles to Mobilize Toddlers

Nueva middle school students learn by caring in Christine Braun's robotics class. In December 2017, Chris, the shop manager & I-Lab engineer, met with the Los Angeles chapter of GoBabyGo! — a University of Delaware-based program dedicated to mobilizing young children with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, and posture affecting more than 200,000 children each year, and there is no known cure. Chris brought her inspiration to Nueva and recently led a team of middle school students in the design, construction, and delivery of the school’s first car to a GoBabyGo! family.