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VIDEO: Third Graders Host Ancient Egypt Wax Museum
Mitzi Mock


Pharaohs and farmers, priests and noblewomen, soldiers and craftsmen—these were just some of the characters featured in the third grade’s Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Wax Museum.

To prepare for the event, each student researched an Egyptian figure in depth: What did a pharaoh wear? What work did a woman typically do? What did a soldier eat? What exactly did the craftsmen craft? They funneled these findings into speeches and props for their showcase.

On museum day, third graders scattered around their classrooms and froze in character, while other members of the Lower School community lined up outside the door. As patrons entered, they tapped the “wax figures,” bringing the statues and their stories to life!

Check out our video to see a behind-the-scenes peek from the wax museum project!

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