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Student Committee Tackles Community Issues at Nueva

Every Monday at lunch, students in grades 1–4 gather in a classroom on the second floor of the Mansion to problem-solve ways to improve their community.

The Community Committee, comprising two representatives from each class, provides students the opportunity to put empathy-based design into practice and make a positive impact.

The students identify issues facing their community, brainstorm solutions, implement action plans, and measure the efficacy of their work.

During the first two years of the project, students addressed issues related to the Café, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces in the Lower School. Now in its third year, the Community Committee, moderated by second-grade teacher Sam Modest, first-grade teacher Diana Friedman, and SEL teacher Lisa Hinshelwood, is focused on examining how students can make our school feel more welcoming for new classmates, families, and visitors to campus.

“My motivation for being involved is rooted in participatory action research. I view the Community Committee and the work they do as a way to empower students to improve their own community,” explained Sam.

This fall, the Community Committee generated overwhelming interest. As a way to engage as many students as possible, the faculty moderators suggested creating community jobs to empower students throughout the year. The committee members ran with the idea — immediately diving into the task of need finding and data collection through surveys and conversations about their own observations of life at Nueva. They made and hung posters around the Lower School, introducing themselves and their work.

Currently, students are reviewing survey responses from over 20 faculty and staff who were asked about the biggest issues and problems they observe across campus. The committee members are using color-coded categories to organize feedback according to the geography of campus.

Some of the problems the committee has uncovered so far include: garbage and balls left on the lawn after recess, spills and dishes left behind in the Café, and multiple pieces of clothing and water bottles going missing during the day.

The Community Committee will soon present its findings at the Lower School community meeting. The students are currently putting together a proposal for Lower School Head Megan Terra, outlining their suggestions for the creation of new jobs. The proposal will include a list of jobs, the reason they are needed, and how the adults on campus will be involved.

Reflecting on their work so far, Diana said, “Students are learning by experience that even a simple idea can be really powerful.”

November 22, 2017

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Nueva PreK Scientists Learn the Periodic Table

It all started with a question: “Why is the ocean so salty?” Which led to another question: “What is salt?” What could have ended there with a simple explanation turned into a months-long study this spring for the inquisitive four and five-year olds in the Nueva PreK class where they learned about the elements that make up our bodies and the world around us.

students perform play

In “Ocean Plastic Paradise,” sea animals navigate the perils of a habitat overrun with discarded plastic. Written and performed by Laraine Ray’s Kindergarten class, the film is the culmination of months examining the effects of plastic pollution in the sea.

Hour of Code aims to broaden participation across gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

As part of the worldwide Computer Science Education Week,* the Hour of Code – deemed by Nueva Interim I-Lab Director Angi Chau as a “Celebration of Coding” ­– aims to broaden participation across gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups to show that computer science can be fun, creative, and accessible for all ages regardless of background.

Lower School Art Teacher Reenie Charriere leads a group of Nueva students through SFMOMA

Nearly 150 Nueva community members came together to enjoy contemporary art at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) on Saturday, March 10. Families attended a special weekend tour with Lower School Art Specialist Reenie Charrière, a practicing artist and former museum educator who guided them through the retrospective entitled Robert Rauschenberg: Erasing the Rules.

Not Just Playing with Clay: PreK Art Inspired by Brazilian Artist

With a deep conviction for the importance of learning through art, Carolee Fucigna, Nueva prekindergarten teacher, developed an opportunity for the prekindergarten students to connect their artwork to that of a renowned Brazilian artist, Anna Maria Maiolino.

Students Lead March on Campus for Kindness, Peace, and Love

In these uncertain times, Nueva students are the tides of change, leading the next generation to be kinder than the one before. On Monday, February 5, dozens of lower school students raised their colorful, handmade signs in a Kindness March to spread love and compassion around Nueva.

Three students huddle around a laptop during Hour of Code

Last week, Nueva first and third graders joined millions of students around the world for an Hour of Code, a global movement to demystify computer science. As part of the worldwide Computer Science Education Week, the Hour of Code aims to broaden participation across gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups to show that computer science can be fun, creative, and accessible for all ages regardless of background.

Nueva Book Fairs Delight Diverse Community of Readers

Since 1985, the Hillsborough Book Fair has been an annual weeklong celebration of books and the rich literary environment here at Nueva. With a variety of fiction and nonfiction books hand-selected with Nueva readers in mind, the Hillsborough Book Fair is one of the most carefully curated book fairs in the country.