Lower School News

Meet a Maverick: Mila B., Grade 4
Mitzi Mock

Fourth grader Mila B. wants the world to know that women can do anything men can do. As part of a recent assignment on social justice poetry, she channeled her frustration about persistent sexism in our world into a piece entitled Free as a Horse. Earlier this year, she performed that piece in front of her classmates before giving a presentation on an architectural design for her dream sports facility—an athletics club designed with women athletes in mind. Read more about the curriculum in this week’s story: Fourth Grade Project Melds Math and Social Justice.

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Lower School Hosts Virtual STEAMlet Expo

The Lower School STEAMlet Expo was originally  scheduled to take place March 13, the first day of Nueva’s campus closure. While the event could not be held in person this year, it did move into a virtual space.

Traveling Back in Time

At Nueva, you can travel the world. From ancient Egypt and Mali to Suva, Fiji, we are constantly exploring. The fourth graders, on April 8, traveled back approximately 3,000 years ago to the School of Athens. 

Kindergarten Team Incorporates the “Nueva Way” into Remote Learning Space

Our Nueva teachers have worked incredibly hard to bring the “Nueva Way” educational experience to our students across all divisions in this new remote learning space. Kindergarten teachers have not only approached remote learning as student-centered, they have also approached remote learning as parent-centered.