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Instilling a Deeper Meaning of Community
Jim Morrison, Director of Student Outreach and Special Projects
Members of Nueva's operations and kitchen staff


From the first day of school, Lower School head, Megan Terra, has challenged faculty and students to be guided by three adjectives in all of their actions and interactions – Kind, Courageous, and Engaged.

On the morning of Thursday, September 29, Lower School students settling in for their monthly meeting in the Ballroom were joined by six members of the café staff, five members of our operations and security team, and our newest member of the library staff. The guests had been invited by students to introduce themselves and share a little bit about themselves and their role at Nueva. 

Lower School science specialist, Elena Stamatakos, who worked with the students to organize the event, said, “We all benefit from the opportunity to get to know new faces. One of the easiest ways someone can be kind, courageous, and engaged is to be friendly and authentically connected to all of your community members,” Elena said. “We hope that this assembly will help create these connections.”

To show their appreciation for the café and operations staff, our first graders wrote cards and notes which were presented by Colton K. Second grade teacher Sam Modest pointed out to everyone assembled that there are many languages spoken at Nueva. Third grader, Pablo M., served as a translator for anyone who wanted to share in Spanish during the event. Students heard about the staff members’ children, their hobbies, and memories of their own childhood riding bikes and having fun with their friends.

Over the next week, teachers and students will create an installation in the Ballroom with over 35 portraits of the people who are at the heart of Nueva. The portraits will be accompanied by each community member’s name and role at Nueva. Accompanying the photos will be messages of appreciation from Lower School students and teachers.

“As we move forward through the year, our hope is that students and staff can feel more connected – such as saying hello in the hallways, thanking individuals for their help, and opening the paths to deeper and more meaningful conversations in the café and spaces beyond our classroom walls.” 

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Lower School Hosts Virtual STEAMlet Expo

The Lower School STEAMlet Expo was originally  scheduled to take place March 13, the first day of Nueva’s campus closure. While the event could not be held in person this year, it did move into a virtual space.

Traveling Back in Time

At Nueva, you can travel the world. From ancient Egypt and Mali to Suva, Fiji, we are constantly exploring. The fourth graders, on April 8, traveled back approximately 3,000 years ago to the School of Athens. 

Kindergarten Team Incorporates the “Nueva Way” into Remote Learning Space

Our Nueva teachers have worked incredibly hard to bring the “Nueva Way” educational experience to our students across all divisions in this new remote learning space. Kindergarten teachers have not only approached remote learning as student-centered, they have also approached remote learning as parent-centered.