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How to Make a Stone Axe
Mitzi Mock, digital videographer/storyteller

In the Upper School elective Steel, Telescopes, and Trains: Recreating the History of Technology, students are trying to recreate everything from ball bearings to the steam engine. Blending historical exploration with I-Lab fabrication projects, the class examines many of the technologies we take for granted today. How do you start a fire? How do you smelt a zipper? How do you fabricate a modern wall? These are just some of the things students will learn by doing.

Their first assignment: Make a stone axe with only the resources available in the Stone Age.

Students’ consensus so far: some of the simplest technology is much more complicated than it looks.

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Upper School teacher reads phone

Fans of Jimmy Kimmel Live will recognize his regular segment "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets." But why just snicker when you can laugh, cry, and awww your way through our new segment "Teachers Read #KindTweets."

A student banging stones together

In the Upper School’s history of technology class, students learn that some of the simplest technology is much more complicated than it looks.


Basketball Players Get Physic-al

This season, the girls basketball team is in a unique situation: half of the players are also members of the Robotics Team 4904: Bot-Provoking. 

Intersession Provides Upper School Students with an Experiential and Intellectual Feast

Intersession is a time for our Upper School students to engage in hands-on, interactive seminars and activities that are often not found in a typical high school classroom. Topics range from cake decorating and leather dyeing, to boxing and yoga, to American criminal law and the theory of change. We have spotlighted four Intersession opportunities our students took part in this week. 

Nueva Students Examine the World of Artificial Intelligence

For the third Upper School Roundtable event of the year, Roundtable organizers collaborated with the newly created Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force to host a panel discussion on artificial intelligence, automation, and the future of work.