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Middle School Faculty #HandWashDance Mash-up
Mitzi Mock


We all know how important it is to wash our hands. But did you know how fun it can be? Inspired by the #HandWashDance TikTok challenge (also known as the #GhenCoVyChallenge) that started in Vietnam, our Middle School faculty produced their own mash-up from home.

Leave it to Nueva teachers to show us that joy can always be found, even in challenging times!

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Reid D. grade 6

Hamilton fans, listen up! The Federalist Papers are no match for this mic drop. Watch rapper and sixth grader Reid D. run rhymes around our founding fathers.

Sixth grade student displays her favorite word on a whiteboard

Over the course of the year, sixth graders dissect the etymology of words and closely examine word choice in the texts they read and the writing they produce. Their writing teachers asked them to share their favorite words in this short video. What's your favorite word?