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In Student Film, Kindergartners Dive Into Study of Ocean Pollution
Mitzi Mock, Digital Storyteller

In Ocean Plastic Paradise, sea animals navigate the perils of a habitat overrun with discarded plastic. Written and performed by Laraine Ray’s kindergarten class, the film is the culmination of months examining the effects of plastic pollution in the sea. In their storylines, students explored the ways plastic disrupts the food chain and wreaks havoc on coral reefs. They empathized with the difficulty animals face distinguishing plastic from real food. To bring their sea characters to life, they even created their own costumes and props.

Watch the full film below (and stay tuned for the outtakes).


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Lower School Hosts Virtual STEAMlet Expo

The Lower School STEAMlet Expo was originally  scheduled to take place March 13, the first day of Nueva’s campus closure. While the event could not be held in person this year, it did move into a virtual space.

Traveling Back in Time

At Nueva, you can travel the world. From ancient Egypt and Mali to Suva, Fiji, we are constantly exploring. The fourth graders, on April 8, traveled back approximately 3,000 years ago to the School of Athens. 

Kindergarten Team Incorporates the “Nueva Way” into Remote Learning Space

Our Nueva teachers have worked incredibly hard to bring the “Nueva Way” educational experience to our students across all divisions in this new remote learning space. Kindergarten teachers have not only approached remote learning as student-centered, they have also approached remote learning as parent-centered.