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The Top Five Articles from Nueva Digest 2017-2018
LiAnn Yim & Julia Barzizza
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This year, the Communications team published more than 175 articles in Nueva Digest. Some of our stories celebrated classic Nueva traditions, and others honored student accomplishments. Let's revisit the Top Five most-read stories of the 2017–2018 school year! 



nueva students dress as jellyfish for Halloween








1. Halloween Highlights Student Creativity

By Louise Schultze, Interim Director of Communications and Mitzi Mock, Video Storyteller

Halloween has long been a special holiday at Nueva, and, like so many of the favorite traditions of our school, it’s foremost a celebration of student creativity.

Nueva teachers dance in a music video on the beach







2. Middle School Teachers Inspire Growth Mindset with “Try Everything” Music Video

By Mitzi Mock, Video Storyteller

For many students, making mistakes can often invite feelings of frustration and shame. Gifted learners, especially, often struggle with perfectionism and other pressures that come with being high achievers. At Nueva, we want to encourage a growth mindset that propels students to take risks and see mistakes along the way as exciting opportunities for improvement and understanding, rather than an indication of fixed abilities.

Upper School students present the house sorting system







3. House Sorting Ceremony Welcomes Freshmen

By Scott B., Upper School Contributor

Walking into the crowded auditorium, freshmen saw large groups of students in four rows sorted by house. “Ceres! Ceres! We’re the house that carries!” could be heard from one side of the gym while “A-QUI-LA!” echoed from the other. For the first time in Nueva’s history, incoming freshmen were welcomed with a House Sorting Ceremony.

Class of 2017 returns for their first Alumni reunion










4. Alums Reunite and Reflect on the Value of Their Nueva Education

By Dianne Willoughby, Editorial Manager

Last week Nueva welcomed many alums back to campus. Through a social mixer, an Admissions event, and an assembly on the Hillsborough campus, the energy they brought was palpable as they shared new experiences and reflected on their Nueva education.

Lower school students carry signs with messages of peace and love for the kindness march










5. Students Lead March on Campus for Kindness, Peace, and Love

By Louise Schultze, Interim Director of Communications

In these uncertain times, Nueva students are the tides of change, leading the next generation to be kinder than the one before. On Monday, February 5, dozens of lower school students raised their colorful, handmade signs in a Kindness March to spread love and compassion around Nueva.

Assembled by LiAnn Yim, Social Media Manager and Julia Barzizza, Digital Content Specialist

June 27, 2018


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Nueva Inspires Changemakers and Community Helpers

At Nueva, gifted learners are encouraged to learn by doing, learn by caring, and to explore their passions inside and outside the classroom. It is this empathic spirit that has inspired students to take action to help make their communities and the world a better place.

Travel Brings a World of Understanding

From early April to the end of May, students from grades 1 through 12 are travelers as Nueva’s Trips program provides a perspective beyond classroom life.

Notably Nueva: Bringing Humanities to Life

Nueva deeply embraces the humanities. Two recent events highlight Nueva’s commitment: The first Humanities Circle and a week-long Artist in Residence visit by acclaimed author Andrew Lam.

Students explore their classmates' projects at Lower School STEAM Day

Lower School students were given the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments and test their own theories and results at a celebration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).