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Nueva Family Community Service Day: Coastal Clean-Up Team Collects 120 Pounds of Trash
Louise Schultze
Six Nueva community members and the 120 pounds of trash they collected with the Pacifica Beach Coalition

Last month, Nueva partnered with Pacifica Beach Coalition 15 to help clean up Montara Beach.  It was a beautiful and educational day! Seeing the collection of plastic straws, paper cups, metal shards, broken glass, cigarette butts, fishing lines and tackle, bottle caps, and shreds of clothing reminded us to spread the word about being mindful of the products we use and their proper disposal.  

We had nearly 30 volunteers, representing students and families from all three divisions at Nueva. Together, we cleaned up 120 pounds of trash and 76 pounds of recyclables!

Thank you to Rusty Gaillard for organizing this effort, as well as Kathie Heap, Kolby Heap, and Kim Overton for leading the Nueva Clean Up Team at the beach. It was a great day to meet new friends and families in the community, and to give back to the larger community and the Earth. We hope more students and families will join us for the next Nueva Family Community Service Day in the Spring!

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