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Halloween at Nueva Celebrates Creativity
Dianne Willoughby
Nueva middle-schooler carries a frothing beaker across the stage during the Halloween Parade

Photo by Lucy B.


Halloween is always a festive celebration at Nueva, and this year was no exception. With campus parades featuring unique, handmade costumes, and themed choice activities throughout the day, students, faculty, and families enjoyed what several students called "the best day of the year!"


On the Hillsborough campus, student creativity was on display as PreK–4 paraded across the GCC stage accompanied by specially selected music. This traditional event included a sing-along, trivia games and jokes, and Halloween-themed student performances. Dramatic student costumes included Andre the Giant (on stilts!), a full-body police car with working headlights and rotating wheels, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Some students were outfitted in literary-themed costumes they made in Nueva’s I-Lab!

Following the parade, students joined choice activities, including Halloween cartooning, writing and illustrating scary stories, exploring the history of Halloween, pumpkin carving and painting in the garden, and making monster puppets. As usual, faculty got into the act, with many wearing costumes reflecting classroom learning themes — several kindergarten teachers were gingerbread people, and the PreK teachers were chickens!

San Mateo

On the San Mateo campus, creativity was also center stage as middle school students joined the upper school community for a parade in the school gym. Students strutted, twirled, flipped, and sometimes ran across a makeshift stage, reveling with their friends. Costumes were elaborate and cleverly made, and included popcorn and cotton candy, Banagrams, a Super Mario collection of characters, giant bao from the Pixar short film, and a near-carbon copy of US math teach Grant Audet.

Fin F., an eleventh grader who was Davepetasprite from the web comic Homestuck, said,

I’m glad we can wear costumes to school. I’ve always loved Halloween and always make my own costume. It’s a cool way to express yourself and your interests.”

Students in the Middle School spent the day guessing which world city their teachers represented as part of a group costume called Pun City. Jennifer Perry, middle school English teacher and one of the Pun City organizers said, “Our goal is to make interactive costumes so students can guess and have fun. I watched a middle school student guessing a faculty costume, and the moment when he ‘got it’ he giggled the purest, happiest giggle. When we saw the joy on their faces, we knew we’d succeeded."

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