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Café Staff Goes Above and Beyond
Rachel Freeman, communications/website manager

During this time of increased attention toward health and hygiene, the staff of Nueva café services partner Epicurean have gone above and beyond to ensure food service continues with healthy and delicious meals. And they’ve done this all on very short notice. 

“The café staff was terrifically responsive in accommodating the school’s shared plan to have an even more hygienic and healthy serving environment,” said Associate Head of School Terry Lee. “I have been impressed by the quantity and staffing to support good service.”

“The way they serve us food is just so open and nice,” junior Alex P. said. 

Among the changes the café staff made this week includes pre-packaging sandwich and salad ingredients, as well bread for toast on San Mateo campus. Milk is put in single-serve containers each morning, and hot food is plated and served by staff, who wear disposable gloves as part of their normal practice for food safety. 

Epicurean General Manager Erika Suttles reflected after the first day of service in this new reality, “Kids were giggly and faculty were appreciative.”

Said junior Grace H., “They have really shown an incredible amount of dedication and care, and they have been so willing to help us continue to feel safe. It is genuinely incredible the amount of precision and time, as well as the level of care, they have exhibited as they made these changes on such short notice. For them to adapt like this in service to our community is amazing.”

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#NuevaTogether: Nueva Steps Up to Support One Another and Greater Community

Ask a student, teacher, or parent what makes Nueva so special and, more often than not, the answer you will hear is “The community.” This community has demonstrated in ways great and small what it means to come together during a time of great need to support one another, as well as the greater community around us.

Alegria Barclay

Coming together as a community is critical in combating any kind of discrimination, particularly when it arises from fear and ignorance. As Asian American activist groups began to respond to this current manifestation of racism, I focused on new ways I could stand up for my community, against ignorant or hateful acts targeting Asian Americans.

Remote Learning Roundtable: The World Post Covid-19

In honor of Earth Day 2020, Alegria Barclay, Aron Walker, Patrick Berger, and Tanja Srebotnjak organized a roundtable: “The World Post Covid-19: Opportunities for Social Justice and Environmental Resilience.”

Nueva’s Spring Break Classes Beat Boredom

This year’s spring break presented unusual challenges for families across the nation and around the world, as parents simultaneously juggled working from home and homeschooling their children. The Nueva community hit the reset button as well, and quickly put a plan in place to offer a first-ever spring break program.

Teaching Art During Remote Learning

Art is one of the disciplines that most heavily relies on materials. Nueva art teachers, faced with this challenge, have created engaging art projects for our students to work on in this new learning environment.