A Student's Perspective on the Tight-knit LatinX Community at Nueva
Sam R. '22

I joined Nueva in sixth grade. I made friends quickly, and I felt happy to be part of such an amazing community. Yet I felt like there was a small number of LatinX Students, students who looked like me and shared similar cultural experiences. 

Throughout middle school, I met just a couple students across the campus of Hispanic backgrounds and connected with the Hispanic staff and faculty. Arriving at the upper school, one of the first clubs that I joined was the LatinX Student Alliance, where I was able to connect with and meet the few Latinx students that were here. Our group was fairly small, but we had the opportunity to get to know each other really well. Each year we had a new leader for the club, each with different plans on how to represent and highlight the small but united LatinX community here at Nueva. We hosted events, such as panels, that helped bring to light the experiences of various LatinX members in our community, and I was invited to speak and give my perspective. We also hosted a tamale making session during a lunch period, where members of our community were taught how to make a tamale, and were able to experience a tamalada, a holiday tradition for many Mexican families during the holiday season. 

This year is my final year at Nueva, and so I feel it’s my responsibility to be the leader of the LatinX Student Alliance. I want to bring the LatinX community together once again, especially after such a difficult year and a half that made it challenging for us to connect. My goals for the club are similar to those of past years: bring the LatinX members of our community together to get to know each other, plan and host school events with an emphasis on LatinX experiences, and highlight the small LatinX group that is here at Nueva. For the past few weeks, we’ve had weekly meetings to discuss ideas that our members have for future events, with a focus on the dates that we hope to represent and highlight. We’ve also had conversations about current events in Hispanic countries, and how it impacts our community. 

I feel that having this group available is important for a number of reasons. First, it provides a space for the small LatinX group at Nueva to come together and meet each other, and to become aware of the community that is here to connect with us and support us. Second, we provide the opportunity for members who might not identify as LatinX but are still interested in being a support and ally for those who are. Lastly, it provides a deeper sense of belonging, knowing that there is a community to support students who might not see as many other LatinX students around campus. I definitely appreciated the existence of the club, as I was able to meet fellow LatinX students who were very welcoming and supportive. I hope to continue to carry on the same positive and supportive energy that this club can give. 

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