Meet a Maverick: Kevin Quinn, Upper School English Teacher
Mitzi Mock, digital storyteller and videographer

Get to know upper school English teacher Kevin Quinn as he shares his love of books, boots, and beautiful questions.

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STEMinism is a Movement

For the final week of Women's History Month, senior Isabelle A. shares what it means to her to be a woman in STEM and how she feels empowered to support and advocate for inclusive change in STEM fields.

A Nonbinary Perspective on Women’s History Month

For Women’s History Month, Max Richardson ‘20, who attends Reed College in Oregon, shares their thoughts on the month’s inclusion of nonbinary and other gender minority people. Max challenges us to expand our views of who should be recognized and uplifted during Women’s History Month. 

It's Not Always about Most

As Women’s History Month hits its stride, and she helps prepare speakers for the NPA’s Humanities Fair on Sunday, March 14, Jennifer Paull looks back at the sometimes-surprising places where she came to understand the need to amplify women’s voices.  

Boy Scouts Looks Fun, Why Can’t I Do it?

Being the very first girl to join the Boy Scouts in the San Francisco Bay Area was fun, hard, awesome, and challenging. I thought becoming a Scout was challenging, but actually being a Scout is even more challenging.  

Trustee Visiting Day: Seeing the Nueva Way In Action

As I anticipated visiting the classrooms virtually, I wondered, “Would I still see the Nueva way through the myriad masks of remote learning?” While I missed the joyful noise of students and teachers gathered in a physical space, what I saw on this year’s visiting day, while quite different than last year, was also similar in one very important respect. Despite their many challenges, I saw our teachers still teaching and our students still learning—the Nueva way.