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Responding to Violence Toward the AAPI Community
The Nueva School

"Words cannot encompass the myriad of emotions I feel right now in writing yet another letter in response to another horrific tragedy to befall us these last several years. As a community, we have navigated how to respond to violence in Charlottesville, Parkland, the Tree of Life synagogue, and the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the Capitol Riot, amongst other tragedies. This shooting comes in the midst of a much larger rise in violence and discrimination targeting members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community across the country. As a school community, we stand against all forms of violence and hatred directed towards any given group.” 
—Alegria Barclay, PreK–12 Equity & Social Justice Director

See below for more from members of Nueva’s leadership team.


In these challenging times, we know the parent community wants some guidance and needs comfort. We acknowledge the weight of the recent rise of violent hate crimes against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community, including this week's mass shooting in Atlanta, which cut across issues of race, gender and class. Indeed, the crimes have a particular impact not only on our AAPI community but on women of all backgrounds as well. We recognize that our Beloved Community feels pain, worry, fear and concern at this moment. 

Resources for Understanding Xenophobia

Things We Can Do to Supports Members of Our Nueva Community

  • Check in with other families, make space for conversations, and be the courageous upstanders and changemakers that our children are learning to be through their education at Nueva.
  • Review Alegria's slides and the recording from a recent Parent Ed workshop on how to address this rise in anti-Asian violence with our children (link accessible on your myNueva homepage).
  • Reference this excellent Anti-Racism Resource Guide that Alegria created for parents last spring.

Organizations Working on the Ground to Support the Victims of Hate Crimes

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