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Photo Walk Series: First Week of School on the Hillsborough Campus
Jim Morrison, director of student outreach & special projects

I think it is fair to say that most of the adults in our Nueva community wish they could be a fly on the wall in a classroom. Perhaps they’ve wanted to sit in on a lower school science class in the garden. Or maybe they were interested in listening in on an eighth-grade discussion of the Silk Road. Or maybe they wanted to step into an upper school steel drum class and listen to the sweet sounds of Trinidadian strumming rhythms. 

Over the past decade, I have had many opportunities to visit classrooms across all three divisions—taking photos, checking in with students and teachers, and observing what is happening in their classrooms—which have strengthened my love and admiration for our school. It has highlighted the multiple ways in which our faculty is pedagogically aligned while also providing unique and amazing opportunities for student learning and students’ agency in that learning.

Our new Photo Walk Series aims to provide the community with a snapshot in time—a celebration of work being done across grade levels, content areas, and divisions. 

This first Photo Walk took place on Wednesday, August 23, as students and teachers were settling into our first week back to school.



Setting Expectations for the Year!

Students in Cristina and Sabrina’s Earth Science class worked together to establish some classroom expectations. Students in nearly every class spent time last week working together to help create the guidelines for their time at school.


Language Studies!

Students in Silvia’s Spanish class worked to recall vocabulary words from their prior studies using actual dictionaries!


A Return to the Library!

Students in Erin’s third grade class make their first trek to the library as class in over a year.  Each week lower school students visit the library to hear stories and check out new books.



Strength, Balance, and Staying Fit

Jason led his PE students through a variety of stations as they worked to build muscle, improve their balance, and stay fit. 


What is Radiating!

Reenie’s second grade art students were asked to create a drawing that exemplifies the word “radiate.”
Editor’s note: I thought that the entire class was radiating awesomeness.



In multiple middle school writing classrooms I found students engaged in letter writing and responses to summer reading assignments—all drawing connections between their lived experiences and the content of the summer reading.




In science, humanities, and writing classes across all grade levels, students were engaged in activities centered on interconnectivity, answering questions such as: 

  • How are organisms in nature connected through symbiosis?
  • How are we connected to locations and people throughout the world via the items we are wearing and the products that are important parts of our lives?


Computer Science (Without Computers)

A key ingredient in any undertaking at Nueva is flexibility and iteration. In small groups, with no computers yet on site, Angi’s Computer Science students were working on their teamwork and data visualization skills using a game called “Charty Party.”


Working with Worms (in Writing Class)

Ten years ago, while teaching my first classes at Nueva, I spent more than an hour each week gardening with my writing students. So, I was thrilled to find our eight grade writing students— who were building on the themes of their summer reading books—working with worms and helping to enrich the soil along the hillside across from our new science and environmental center.

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