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Auction Inspires Community-Building and Donations of All Shapes and Sizes
Julia Barzizza

Perhaps when you hear the word “auction" you think of a hushed room full of serious people holding paddles, bidding on mysterious artifacts. In true Nueva fashion, it should come to no surprise that the Annual Benefit Auction has transformed that model into an fun, inclusive, and community-driven fundraising event.

Take, for example, the creativity that Nueva parents, students, and teachers are bringing to the auction with “Count Me Ins." A Count Me In is a group experience hosted by members of the Nueva community. The experiences are bid on at the individual level and vary by both audience and size. By this design, Count Me Ins can be meaningful and budget-friendly ways for the Nueva community to get involved with the auction, while attending social gatherings and growing community members’ circle of friends.


This year’s Count Me In offerings include the Annual Nueva Cleanse, a Kids' Poker & Pizza Party, and a personal branding workshop for students interested in entrepreneurship or practice writing college admissions statements. The 5th Annual Cleanse, a 21-day diet focused on improved health and cleaner living, has become a classic tradition. Lower school teacher Zubin Mobedshahi participates in the cleanse for the sense of camaraderie. He says, “I’m incredibly grateful I begin each year with a meaningful and renewing tradition.” Zubin is also this year’s Auction Reception Emcee.

Upper school students are getting involved through their contribution of student treasures, which are services, experiences, or student-made objects donated to the auction. Last year, Nueva alum Chris C. created an art installation made of 1,000 paper cranes. The piece served as Chris’s parting gift to the school and now resides on the Bay Meadows campus.

This year's student treasures participants include sophomores Chloe K. and Ben Y., who are donating their time to assist lower school students in creating Halloween costumes. This is Chloe’s first time contributing to the auction treasures. She says, “We never bought costumes and always made them. It’s a fun family tradition I still carry on by helping my younger sister. I love all kinds of arts and crafts and have been making Halloween costumes forever, so I thought it would be a creative way to contribute to the school.”

Maddie W., a senior, is also contributing for the first time by offering to make a commissioned art piece, “I decided I wanted to do this because I love Nueva and I want to support it. I also just like the idea that people actually want my art.” She is inspired by animation, game design, and colorful storytelling. The winning bidder will receive a one-of-a-kind piece created by Maddie.

Christina Hyun, this year’s Upper School Student Treasures Chair, says “It’s been absolutely fantastic to work with these students. They contribute in a real, positive way to the community, as well as to this year’s Auction goal: 100% community participation.” This year, the junior class will create postcards using images from their upcoming America’s trip, “The America We Saw."

Every year, the community manages to shift fundraising from obligation to opportunity. The events surrounding the auction serve as opportunities for both students and parents to form new connections, to learn and develop new and existing passions, and to celebrate the fun of uniting like-minded members of the Nueva community.

The Nueva auction committee is collecting Count Me In donations from now until Friday, February 23. Count Me Ins and Student Treasures will be available for bidding at the online auction starting Monday, March 12. Other items will be available during the Community Cocktail Party (free for faculty and parents), Silent Auction, and Live Auction, which takes place on Saturday, March 24. Learn more about the the Annual Benefit Auction and answer commonly asked questions here.


Julia Barzizza, Digital Content Specialist

February 14, 2018

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