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Mavericks Back on Campus: Alumni Luncheon Welcomes Recent Grads
Antonia Ehlers, director of communications



Nueva alums go out into the world ready to make a difference and accept exciting challenges—but there’s nothing like coming home. On January 8, more than 30 recent alums visited the Upper School campus to reminisce about the good old days and catch up on their current lives. They were excited to view Intersession week through young adult eyes, and they marveled at the variety of offerings this year. 

“Attending Nueva was incredible,” said Jess Karan ’17, who is enrolled in a liberal arts program at Kenyon College in Ohio. “I had amazing teachers and an experiential learning experience. I needed a nontraditional environment, and I had that at Nueva.” 

Jess enjoyed catching up with Leo Ikle-Maizlish ’19, who is enjoying college life at Tufts University. He has particularly fond memories of Lee Holtzman’s Philosophy of Consciousness class and Claire Yeo’s English classes.

Brothers Yoni Lerner ’17 and Osher Lerner ’19 were in the mix, mingling with old friends enjoying the catered luncheon. 

“This is a blast from the past,” said Osher, a student at UC Berkeley. “It’s great to be here during Intersession because it’s such a fun week.”

Yoni is studying computer science at Stanford University. He said Jen Selby’s Advanced Programming class prepared him extremely well for his university classes. In fact, he teaches computer science skills to 10 to 15 Stanford students every week as a section leader.

Two days later, with a mix of up-tempo harmonies and choreography, Yale’s a cappella group Mixed Company delighted lower and middle schoolers in the GCC. This last stop of the group’s winter tour was particularly special, as Nueva alum Kira Sze ’12 is a soprano in the 17-member group. A junior cognitive science major, Kira welcomed the excited students to the assembly and shared anecdotes of being a student on the Hillsborough campus. Following the performance, she spent time reconnecting with her former teachers and Head of School Diane Rosenberg.

“The bond Nueva alums share is incredibly special,” said Alumni Director Diana Chamorro, who assumed the new role in October. “Many refer to their time as students here as the most transformational educational experience of their lives. While they no longer are current students, their relationship with Nueva does not end at graduation—this is a lifelong community and home for them. It was very exciting to have a great turnout from our young alums at the luncheon. It was wonderful to hear where their post-Nueva journeys have taken them, how connected they remain to their former classmates and teachers, and how much they miss their school.

“I am excited to build a deeper relationship with the alumni community and look forward to offering opportunities for them to engage with the school, faculty, and each other on campus, locally and regionally,” she added. “They are Nueva’s greatest legacy, and it is vital for our community’s growth to have an engaged Alumni Association.”


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