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Eighth-grader Interviews Survivor Winner and Nueva Alum Adam Klein '05
Antonia Ehlers, director of communications


Class of 2005 alumnus and Survivor season 33 winner Adam Klein returned to Nueva on February 12 for the season 40 premiere watch party. He was joined by fellow Survivor alumni Tai Trang and Neal Gottlieb and more than 150 members of the Nueva and local communities, who cheered Adam on and shared their thoughts about the show. Adam is competing again on Survivor, in this milestone season of past winners, and let there be no doubt: We are #TeamAdam all the way!

Adam was back on campus this week to meet one of his biggest fans, eighth-grader Sam B., who interviewed the reality TV star and chatted about specific strategies and relationships.

"It was wonderful to welcome Adam home to Nueva and celebrate him competing on Survivor at our premiere watch party," said Alumni Director Diana Chamorro. "The #TeamAdam enthusiasm is contagious and the entire Nueva community is rooting for him to win this epic season! I was equally thrilled to connect Adam with Sam and witness their shared zeal for the show."

“I was really into Survivor when I went on the backpacking trip at Nueva,” recounted Adam, founded Nueva’s Student Council and was its first school president. “I got my group to play Survivor. The show started when I was in third grade and we had a fantasy league. We even had a website and cast profiles.”

“Nueva made me the person that I am today,” Adam said. “Everyone accepted everyone, and people were able to be themselves. Sam reminds me a lot of myself. In fact, I think Sam will go on Survivor!” 

According to Sam, “I would go right now!”

View Sam's interview with Adam below, or click here.

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