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Photo Walk Series: Intersession at the Upper School
LiAnn Yim (Digital Communications Manager)

Our Photo Walk Series aims to provide the community with a snapshot in time—a celebration of work being done across grade levels, content areas, and divisions. 

Take a look at a sampling of some of the sessions, offered by incredible Intersession facilitators, which have been taking place in the upper school this week!

Hosted each year during the first week following winter break, Intersession is a verifiable feast of intellectually stimulating, rich, experiential introductions to a variety of subjects and fields. Students were able to choose from hundreds of sessions offered by artists, scholars, and experts covering a broad spectrum of topics.

We're looking forward to the continuation of Intersession tomorrow, which will be happening not only at the San Mateo campus, but our Hillsborough campus for lower and middle school students, too! 

Warriors at Nueva: Life in an NBA Front Office
Students learned about life in an NBA front office from members of the Golden State Warriors staff. Nick U'Ren, executive director of basketball operations, Onsi Saleh, team counsel and director of basketball strategy, and David Fatoki, general manager of the Santa Cruz Warriors, talked at length with students in the WRC about their paths to the NBA, the functions of each department in basketball operations, and ran students through an exciting free agency draft workshop.


Makeup: Creative Self-Expression, Special Effects, Zombies!
Facilitator Elizabeth Fox, a professional working makeup artist, offered three different makeup sessions for upper school students, in an opportunity for them to play with makeup, learn new techniques, and explore their creative artistry. Students examined at looks from TV shows and campaigns to understand makeup as an inclusive form of art that anyone can do.

In other sessions, students learned to create realistic wounds as seen in films and TV shows, and to up their Halloween costume game by turning themselves into zombies. Using professional grade products, students created cuts, bruises, and multiple other gore and wounds.


Conservation Ambassadors
One of the environmental citizenship and science sessions was offered by Conservation Ambassadors, a longtime Intersession partner. Facilitator David Jackson brought animal ambassadors to the San Mateo campus, offering students an up-close and personal experience to learn about conservation, animal behavior, the vital rainforest ecosystem, animals whose existence is being threatened, and more. 

Students met a baby kangaroo, turkey vulture, bald eagle, bat, lemur, stick bugs, alligator, and more!


Gel Plate Printing Inspired by Nature
Students created monoprints with leaves from the yard and indoor houseplants in facilitator Elaine G. Chu's gel plate printing session. Using experimental techniques like inking with masked objects and making ghost impressions, students printed a set of unique cards and constructed a stitched booklet featuring one of their prints as the cover. 


Metalworking and Jewelry Making
Nueva alumni Sophia Hoermann '22 returned to campus to lead this metalworking and jewelry making workshop!

Currently a freshman in college at the University of Utah, Sophia started making jewelry in middle school, but it wasn't until she took a jewelry making workshop during her sophomore year Intersession that she realized Nueva has had all the tools she needed to make jewelry. Since then, she has continued to learn new metalworking techniques, refine old ones, and is focused on introducing jewelry making to the Nueva community.

Below, eleventh grader Milo K. shows off a work-in-progress ring he learned how to make.


Hot Glass, Cool Designs
Under a tent in the Café courtyard, students experimented with creating their own hot glass designs. Douglass Brown, the founder of Half Moon Bay Art Glass, taught students how to blow, shape, and color their glass projects as they learned about the technical and artistic basics of glass working.


An Athlete's Guide to Optimum Performance Training
A group of students opted into a four-day activity led by certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and corrective exercise specialist Marty Susskind. 

In this comprehensive crash-course on optimum performance training, each day focuses on one of the four essential phases of a periodized training program: core stability, strength endurance, max strength, and power. Marty split class time and gym time so students could learn about anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and fitness training for athletes of every sport.



Fabric Screenprinting From Start to Finish
As they learned the history and techniques of screen printing—including screen preparation, using a manual printing press, the split fountain technique, printing a single color and blending multiple colors on one screen—students created screens that were printed onto t-shirts. 


California Cuisine
Sit back and let the students who participated in this California Cuisine session take over meal prep for the next dinner. In this session from Junior Chef Stars, a local and independent culinary school for children and teens, students worked together to prepare new recipes that focused on fresh flavors and hands-on techniques. They utilized ingredients that are in season for winter in preparing timeless recipes that celebrate California cuisine. 

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Seniors Dive into the 1980s and 1990s

For seniors, English class is a smorgasbord—a panoply of teacher obsessions and expertise. This fall, two of the newest advanced English seminars being offered are the 1980s and 1990s classes taught by Allen Frost. In these literature and cultural studies courses, students spend the semester reading, viewing, and listening to texts of all kinds (novels, poems, short stories, television shows, films, and popular music) from that respective decade.

From ‘Slimelapse’ to Mystery Bacteria, Students Create Curricula in Biology Internship Pilot

Last spring, Director of Internships Katie Saylor met with biology teachers Paul Hauser and Jehnna Ronan to explore ways to offer students hands-on internships for those interested in lab-based sciences here at Nueva. Out of their conversations came a new biology internship offered this summer, where students helped to design new lab experiments and to refine existing experiments in the 10th grade biology curriculum.

Ninth Graders Create Products Using Universal and Software Design Principles

What does it mean to build the courage to imagine and craft solutions to challenges? How can design thinking, systems thinking, data science, computer science, and design engineering be used to address societal issues around social justice and equity? In Design with Impact (DWI), a core course in ninth grade, students engage in projects that help them bridge the skills in these five key areas and design for others. 

History, Culture, and Colors Pop on Upper School Field Trip

It’s a rare occurrence for it to be sunnier in San Francisco than in San Mateo, but upper school students in Chelsea Denlow’s Postcolonial Latin America history class experienced sunshine and blue skies, which made the vibrant colors of the Mission District pop as they visited the neighborhood last week.