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Photo Walk Series: First Day of School on the Hillsborough Campus
Rachel Freeman, communications & website manager

Our Photo Walk Series aims to provide the community with a snapshot in time—a celebration of work being done across grade levels, content areas, and divisions. 

On the first day of school, laughter filled the air as students rejoiced at seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Lower and middle school students could be found exploring the Hillsborough campus, getting to know their classmates, and setting up classroom norms.

Just before recess, kindergarteners got to know one another by playing Friendship Bingo, where they had to look for classmates who have or like certain things, such as "likes swimming," "has a pet," and "likes nature." They then gathered in a circle on the carpet to talk through how to wash their hands, demonstrating the hand motions. 


Fourth graders did a mindfulness exercise, and then collectively created their grade-level norms and agreements. Among the agreements were, "Include people as much as you can," "Be kind to people who need kindness," and "Include people as much as you can."


First grade teachers Elaine Chan and Sophia Martinez take their students on a hunt around campus looking for their furry bear stuffie. Bear left clues in both the indoor and outdoor spaces in the lower school. All clues led back to the first grade classroom, where they found a note left by "A. Bear" and a berry special first-day treat: fresh strawberries! 


Meanwhile in the middle school, seventh graders in Silvia Salcedo's Spanish class are engaged in a class discussion. As she explains, in English, that she will mostly speak in Spanish during the class, Silvia invites students to be honest when they don't understand something.

"I want you to be kind to yourselves," she says.



In Sam Arndtsen's sixth grade humanities class, he introduces students to six-word stories by sharing two that he wrote about his summer. Then, after passing out new notebooks, he invites the class to write as many non-fiction six-word stories as they can about themselves or their summers. 



Emily Mitchell's and Lindsay Kornfeind's first class class went on a tour of campus to see spaces and meet people. They visited one of the most special lower school spaces, the forts, where Emily shared the history of the olive tree grove and how the area will be transformed once students start building and creating.


In small groups, third graders brainstormed ideas around the central question, "How can we care for our Nueva community." 



In their design engineering class, students played a game of building charades and were challenged to come up with one word and build something to depict that word. The class then took turns guessing each word based on the completed prototypes.



To build a class data set, seventh graders in Steve Marsheck's math class were tasked with coming up with questions that could be answered with a number. Each group of students contributed one question—"How many cousins do you have?" "What is your favorite number?" and "How many years have you been at Nueva?"—and then each student wrote their answers on the whiteboard. 



First through fourth grade students gathered in the ballroom for the first community meeting of the year. The gathering began with a mindfulness moment.


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Mavericks Making Waves is our latest roundup of exceptional student and faculty accomplishments and activities happening beyond Nueva's walls.