Nueva Parents Association

The Nueva Parents Association (NPA) fully embraces Nueva's "Learn by doing, learn by caring" philosophy by offering parents ways of doing and caring that support their children, school, and faculty.

All current Nueva families are members of the NPA. The NPA provides numerous opportunities for families, each with different constraints and resources, to volunteer in ways that are meaningful for them. 

Through the NPA, parents demonstrate "doing" by organizing school events and activities. They lead and volunteer at the STEM Fair, Book Fair, Celebration Week, and Art Showcase; they teach Academy and Intersession courses at the Middle and Upper Schools; they coordinate Math Circle events and Lit Clubs.


Through the NPA, parents demonstrate “caring” through appreciation for the school, faculty, staff, and children. They organize staff appreciation lunches, coffees, and socials; they acknowledge staff birthdays with gift cards, and support Nueva's Athletics teams.

The NPA promotes, shares, and transmits this philosophy and culture of doing and caring to each new generation of Nueva families. Through the NPA, each Nueva family can engage at their own level of meaningful participation — which is not only intrinsically fulfilling, but also results in rewarding new friendships with other parents.

We invite you to roll up your sleeves and get involved!

Warm regards, 

Buffy Poon, Donna Wingate, and Marie Yuann
Nueva Parents Association Co-Presidents