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From the Head of School

Diane Rosenberg

At Nueva, we know gifted learners.

Gifted learners want to know how and why. They constantly wonder and ask, and seemingly cannot quench their thirst for knowledge. They think big: they want to design, to build, and to test. They fall in love with topics and ideas, and are driven to investigate. They experience the world in complex ways and often have sensitivities that run deep. They are all this and so much more. While they share some characteristics and behaviors, gifted learners defy categorization.

When they arrive at Nueva, they learn quickly, no matter their age, that they can be themselves. Their gifts are embraced, their voices heard. They never have to quiet their questions or hide their passion for learning.

We meet their specialized needs through our unique, dynamic educational model, based on more than 50 years of expertise serving gifted learners. Their education is not detached from life; life beyond the classroom is integral to understanding. Our hallmark features include distinctive inquiry-based, interdisciplinary studies, a constructivist project-based approach, pioneering curricula in Social-Emotional Learning, the first precollegiate Design Thinking program in the country, and our Social Justice, Equity & Inclusion program, now in its fourth year.

The Nueva experience guides our PreK–12 students to become flexible thinkers, designers, mathematicians, artists, scientists, friends, and citizens of our community and far beyond. We’re growing gifted learners to be problem solvers today. At Nueva, our students learn to make choices that will benefit the world.

A Nueva education has never been more relevant or important for gifted learners and for our world. Nueva graduates know knowledge is theirs for the taking, and that their ideas and creations are meaningful and will have impact, no matter what their pursuits. Our students are empowered global citizens, and they fill us with optimism and excitement for the future.

The Nueva experience comes to life most authentically through expression. We welcome your visit so you can experience firsthand our motto: “Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring.”

Diane Rosenberg
Head of School



Diane Rosenberg Head of School
Terry Lee Associate Head of School
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Stephen Dunn Upper School Division Head
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Elizabeth Rossini Director of Teaching and Learning



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