Welcome to Nueva! As you browse our website, I hope you are able to see just how special the Nueva community is as well as the impact of our unique approach to teaching and learning. 

Nueva is a place that brings together gifted students from across the Bay Area to engage in a rigorous PreK through 12th grade educational program anchored by a community that is caring and compassionate. It is this unique combination of academic and social-emotional learning that makes Nueva the school that it is and has been since 1967.
Our vision as an institution is to empower our learners to make choices that shape a better future and to equip students to have agency in the world around them. So, how do we do this? We do this through our learn by doing, learn by caring ethos. We take a project-based approach that provides students with opportunities for deep inquiry and hands-on exploration. We provide space for “failing forward,” the idea that when students make mistakes, they are able to constructively learn and improve upon those things as they move forward and grow.

At Nueva, the amount of support and encouragement that our students share with each other is one of the key ingredients of the magic in our community. The collective social embrace of learning from like-minded peers is just as important in our school for gifted students as is the individual pursuit of knowledge. At the core of what we mean by developing learners and thinkers who are ‘bridgers’ across perspectives is the ability of our students to engage in deep learning across disciplines, to understand different ways of knowing about a particular concept, and to break down and reconstruct systems that frame how we learn about things. And it is our job at Nueva to customize the learning process and the learning experience for each and every one of our students.

We are a school and community dedicated to learning by doing and learning by caring. We invite you to visit and see the magic of a Nueva education for yourself!

Lee Fertig
Head of School

School Leadership

Lee Fertig Head of School
Terry Lee Associate Head of School
Megan Terra Lower School Division Head
Karen Tiegel Middle School Division Head
Liza Raynal Upper School Division Head
Gavin Bradley Director of College Counseling
Brett Dyer Director of Finance & Administration
Taryn Grogan Director of Enrollment & Strategic Engagement
Melanie León Director of Admissions
Lyla Max Director of Development
Lauren Pool Director of Teaching and Learning
Karin Storm Wood Director of Communications


2023–2024 Board of Trustees

Kathleen Donohue Kevin Lynch
Hoon Cho Secretary
Janet Cheston Peter Blaustein
Puja Kaul Treasurer
Co-Vice Chairs  



Derrick Bolton Rick Holmstrom
Mei Chen Mary Hynes
Bruce Cozadd Leila Johansson
Tammy Crown Kristina Phipps
Bonnie Fought Gerald Risk
Robert Frank Allison Rouse
Louisa Gillett Jody Sievers
Ann Wilson Green Chris Sun



The Nueva Parents Association (NPA)

The Nueva Parents Association promotes, shares, and transmits our "Learn by doing, learn by caring" culture to each new generation of Nueva families. 

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