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The search for Nueva’s next Head of School is underway. This page is intended to keep the extended Nueva community well informed about the search process. As the search progresses, this site will be updated with latest news about the head search, ways for the community to be involved, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Nueva community is deeply grateful to Diane Rosenberg, who, at the end of her tenure, will have served as Nueva’s Head of School for 19 years. We look forward to roundly celebrating, at the close of the 2019-20 school year, her nearly two decades of visionary leadership and remarkable contributions to the school. 

Community Updates

Get Involved

Participation from the Nueva parent, alumni, student, faculty, and staff community is invaluable in guiding the recruitment and assessment of the right candidates.

Listening Sessions
Listening sessions will be held on September 9, 10, and 11. Details will be sent directly to Nueva community members.

Online Survey
Your input is very important. Please complete this survey by 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 12, 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the head of school (HOS) search last? When does the board expect to hire Nueva’s next HOS?
The board’s highest priority is to find the right person to lead Nueva, regardless of timeline. That said, a head of school search typically takes 9 to 12 months. We launched Nueva’s HOS search in May 2019. Our goal is to identify a successor—either our next permanent head or an interim head—by spring 2020. Nueva’s new leader will start on July 1, 2020. 
What is involved in a head search?
The responsibility for hiring a new HOS lies with Nueva’s Board of Trustees. The process of identifying a new HOS began last spring when the board assembled the Head of School Search Committee and hired a search firm, RG175. The next step is to develop a “position statement” that will inform the candidate recruiting and assessment process. The position statement will be developed by the Search Committee and RG175, with input from teachers, staff, parents, alumni, and students. RG175 will conduct interactive community sessions in September—open to the entire Nueva community—and seek input through an online community survey. The Search Committee will then vet and interview qualified candidates, and recommend top candidates to the board, which will select Nueva’s next head of school.
What is the role of Nueva’s HOS Search Committee, and how were members chosen?
The Board of Trustees has selected a group of eight trustees, the HOS Search Committee, to work closely with the education-focused search firm it has hired, RG175, to identify, screen and interview candidates, and ultimately to recommend one or more candidates to the board for consideration and eventual selection. The board sought to create a committee that is deeply committed to the long-term interests of the school. The committee represents decades of experience with, and knowledge of, the school, and expertise in specific areas. A faculty member will be added to the committee in the near future. 
What is the role of Nueva teachers, staff, parents and students in the search process?
On September 9, 10, and 11 (time and location will be sent out shortly), the Nueva community is invited to provide input through confidential listening sessions facilitated by our consultants, Coreen Hester and Mark Ulfers of RG175. These interactive conversations will be focused on Nueva’s strengths and challenges, and the qualities we need in our next head to continue to nourish excellence and innovation in gifted education. Participants will help identify the critical skills, experience, and mindset we are looking for in our next leader. 
In addition, in early September, current Nueva parents, along with teachers, staff, alumni, and students, will receive a link to a community online survey seeking feedback on priorities for our next head. In the survey, community members will have an option to recommend a candidate for consideration.
What is the Board seeking in a new head?
The Nueva HOS Position Statement will be developed in September based on input from the Nueva community. The position statement will articulate Nueva’s unique culture, values, and goals, and will identify the essential qualities, experience and leadership style we are looking for in our next head.

Why is Diane leaving?
After 19 years of all-encompassing, dedicated service, including the successful launch of Nueva’s Upper School, Diane has decided that the time is right to retire from Nueva. Diane has led with purpose, optimism, and resilience, with an unwavering commitment to Nueva’s vision and values. Nueva today is a model for gifted learning, innovative teaching, and institutional vibrancy, recognized nationally and internationally for its leadership and excellence. We have been incredibly fortunate to have had Diane at the helm for nearly two decades, and will miss her deeply. 
What is an interim HOS and why might Nueva hire an interim?
The board’s highest priority is to find the right person to lead Nueva, regardless of timeline. If a prospective new HOS is unable to accommodate a July 2020 start date, or if the board decides to continue its search into another year, the board likely will hire an interim HOS to lead the school for one year until a permanent head is in place. A professional interim head can bring a unique set of skills and qualities to a school during a leadership transition.
Will the head search affect my child’s experience at Nueva?
The work of the head search will be conducted by the Search Committee and our consultants, RG175. Nueva’s faculty, staff and administration will remain focused on providing students with an outstanding, tailored academic experience.


HOS Search Committee
Susan Barnes, Co-Chair
   Trustee, Past Board Chair
Kathleen Donohue, Co-Chair
   Board Vice-Chair

Derrick Bolton, Trustee
Hoon Cho, Trustee
Bruce Cozadd, Board Chair
Mary Hynes,
Puja Kaul, Trustee
Gerald Risk, Board Vice-Chair
   and Treasurer

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