Giving FAQs

Why is charitable giving to Nueva necessary?

Nueva is a leading independent school for high-ability learners. According to Dr. Linda Silverman, director of the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development, and its subsidiary, the Gifted Development Center, “The Nueva School enjoys the reputation of being the best school for the gifted in the country.” In order to develop and deliver this nationally recognized education to your children, Nueva, like most independent schools, depends on the charitable support of parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, and friends. Tuition and other sources of operating funds do not entirely fund Nueva’s operations (see below). According to National Association of Independent Schools statistics, tuition and other operating funds cover an average of eighty percent of day schools’ operations. The remainder is supplied through the personal philanthropy of parent communities and other constituencies such as parents of alumni, alumni, grandparents of current students, friends, faculty, and staff.  

Why doesn't the school simply charge enough tuition to cover its costs?

The largest part of Nueva’s operating budget is covered by tuition. While one might expect that tuition would cover all of the operating expenses, it does not. This is also the case at other independent schools in the area and around the country. The school deliberately sets tuition below full cost in order to keep the school more affordable to a wider range of students and to provide community members with opportunities to support the school with tax-deductible, philanthropic commitments. As a community, we believe this practice is conducive to building the type of inclusive school we all wish to have. Again, this practice is typical of most independent schools. In fiscal year 2017, the Nueva community contributed nearly $4.6 million to the school's greatest institutional needs through the Nueva Fund and the Benefit Auction ($3.6 million from the Nueva Fund and over $1 million net from the Benefit Auction).

What role does philanthropy play in the school's budget?

Every year, funds raised for the school account for approximately fifteen to sixteen percent of the school’s operating budget. This year, tuition, fees, and other income (for example, summer camps) will cover only 85% of the actual operating costs. Fundraising efforts supply the remainder and represent the second largest revenue source at Nueva.

As is typical of independent schools, Nueva relies mostly on gifts from individuals within its constituency: parents of current students, parents of alumni, alumni, grandparents of current students, friends, faculty, and staff. Occasionally, the school also requests grants from charitable foundations and corporations. If you are aware of any foundations or corporations that might donate to Nueva, please notify the Advancement Office.  However, as an independent school, Nueva is not eligible for most forms of foundation and corporate support (except for corporate matching gift programs).

How and when will my family be contacted for an annual gift to the school?

The school’s annual giving program is called the Nueva Fund. The campaign kicks off each fall and most of the pledges and gifts are received between October and December. We are proud of Nueva’s tradition of providing a personal gift request to every family at the school. Such requests are made mostly by Nueva parent volunteers via letters, calls, and/or emails.

Nueva has a beautiful campus, first-rate facilities, and well-developed academics and co-curricular programs. How can a school like this still have financial needs?

Thanks to the careful consideration and thorough planning of the school’s administration and trustees, and the generosity of the community, Nueva is financially stable and its facilities are first-rate.  Charitable giving to Nueva supplies the extra ingredients that propel the school from “good” to “great.” Other sources, such as tuition, provide the school with a core of operating capital, but the philanthropy of our community enables Nueva to develop innovative world class initiatives, including social-emotional learning and design thinking; offer language programs in Mandarin, Spanish, and Japanese that include study trips and unique cultural experiences; build and maintain state-of-the-art facilities; attract and retain the best faculty members; invest in professional development for faculty; purchase the information technology, library materials, and scientific equipment necessary to deliver advanced curriculum to students; fund signature programs in art, drama, and music; and underwrite co-curricular programs such as athletics and field trips.  Without charitable giving, Nueva couldn’t deliver the education you expect for your children.

What are the levels of support sought by the Nueva Fund?

All levels of giving are sought by the Nueva Fund, and every gift helps the school fulfill its mission. We urge you to consider your gift in light of your personal circumstances and your family’s total philanthropic plan for the year. Typically, the family participation rate for the Nueva Fund is between ninety-five and one hundred percent. We strive for one hundred percent parent participation because it is a strong sign of approval of the school’s mission and educational philosophy — a factor that charitable foundations closely consider when deciding which organizations to support. While all gift amounts are appreciated, leadership gifts begin at the Director's Circle level.


$50,000 and above



     Head of School








     Director's Circle





What other fundraising activities does the school engage in?

While fall is dedicated to the Nueva Fund, springtime is focused on the annual Benefit Auction. Annually held in March or April, the theme of the auction varies from year to year and has included Reflections on Our Future, Let the Good Times Roll, and Hot Havana Nights. In addition to being a fun-filled evening and bringing together Nueva community members, the Benefit Auction raises significant funds for financial aid, faculty professional development, faculty salaries, and other high-priority school needs. In order to encourage participation and build excitement, an online auction takes place the week leading up to the event.

Other fundraising activities may seek funds for curricular programs, plays, music performances, or athletic teams. In addition, Nueva has a golf tournament each fall, hosts a book fair, and offers a variety of merchant programs such as eScrip.

It is a good idea to consider the range of fundraising activities you may be asked to support in planning your overall annual philanthropic commitment to Nueva.

Please note: Gifts in support of the Benefit Auction, Nueva Cup Golf Tournament, and other classroom and co-curricular activities are greatly appreciated by the school, but such gifts do not count toward participation in the Nueva Fund.

How do capital gifts impact the school's mission?

Capital gifts allow the school to remodel its facilities, augment programs, and add to its endowment. Such gifts are transformational in nature, as they enable the school to improve measurably. For example, during Expanding the Vision, the most recent capital campaign, our community raised nearly $50 million to build the new Upper School campus in Bay Meadows, and in the previous capital campaign (2005–2008), Nueva community members banded together to raise $26 million to renovate the mansion, construct the Hillside Learning Complex, and increase Nueva's endowment. Each year, the school identifies a list of needed capital projects that align with the school’s strategic plan and vision. Parents may be asked to support these initiatives with capital gifts. If one or more of your children are at Nueva for eight to ten years, you may expect that the school will conduct a capital campaign at some point during that tenure.

When was the last capital campaign?

Thanks to all of our generous donors who supported Expanding the Vision, we raised nearly $50 million for the Upper School campus at Bay Meadows.

How do I give to Nueva?

You can give to Nueva in a variety of ways. Please select the method that works best for you:

  • Online Giving — Make your gift instantly through our online giving page. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. It's secure, fast, and easy. Donate now!
  • Checks — Checks should be payable to The Nueva School and can be dropped off at the Advancement Office or mailed to 6565 Skyline Boulevard, Hillsborough, CA 94010. 
  • Credit Card Gifts — If you prefer, you can always call the Advancement Office with your credit card information: 650-350-4518.
  • Gifts of Stock — Gifts of appreciated stock are a great way to give to Nueva and receive significant tax benefits. If you wish to transfer stock or other securities to Nueva, please contact the Advancement Office
  • Matching Gifts — Corporate matching gift programs are a great way to double or triple your gift. Check with your employer’s Human Resources Department to find out how to apply or visit this link
  • Wire Transfers — For details on how to wire funds to Nueva please contact the Advancement Office.
  • Planned Gifts — Planned gifts can come in the form of bequests or gifts of real estate, life insurance, or appreciated securities. Gifts of charitable remainder trusts are also an excellent way to donate while receiving both immediate tax benefits and income. For more information please contact the Advancement Office.
Thank you for considering making a gift to Nueva. All gifts are appreciated and truly make a difference. Feel free to contact the Advancement Office with any questions 650-350-4518.

Can my employer match my gift?

Many Nueva community members are employed by corporations with programs that will match their employees’ philanthropic gifts to independent schools like Nueva. If you work for a company with a matching gift program, please consider enhancing your annual commitment to the Nueva School by filling out the necessary paperwork and submitting it to the Advancement Office. Many employers have adopted the use of online forms to help expedite your matching gift. Please check with your company’s HR department for details. Companies currently matching gifts at Nueva include: Adobe, AMD, Apple, Black Rock, Blue Shield, BNY Mellon, Capital One, Cisco, Disney, eBay, Electronic Arts, Franklin Templeton, Gap, Genentech, Goldman Sachs, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, Moody’s, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, QualCom, Russell Investment, SAP, Synopsis, Tyco, Verizon, VMWare, Wells Fargo, and Yahoo.

May I make a pledge in fulfillment of an annual or capital gift?

Yes.  Both annual and capital gifts may be fulfilled by pledges and you may pay in installments. We ask that pledges to the Nueva Fund be documented in writing and fulfilled by February 15, 2019. To work out a monthly installment schedule for your Nueva Fund donation, please contact the Advancement Office at 650-350-4518. Capital gifts may be fulfilled over a three-year period. In this case, Nueva will send you a pledge reminder approximately one month before your payment is due.

Are my gifts to Nueva tax-deductible?

Nueva is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation. As a result, all gifts to the school are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Please consult with your tax advisor before making your gift, especially if you are giving securities or other non-cash gifts.  If the claimed deduction of a gift-in-kind exceeds $5,000 (whether it is a single gift-in-kind or a series of gifts-in kind), an appraisal of the item(s) must be secured from an approved, independent appraiser, and IRS Form 8283 (which can be downloaded from or obtained from your professional tax advisor) must be completed and submitted with your tax return.

How are my gifts to Nueva recognized by the school?

All gifts to Nueva are recognized in two ways. Gifts are acknowledged by the school, and all appropriate tax information is forwarded to donors, usually within one week after the gift is made. Also, unless donors wish to remain anonymous, their gifts are acknowledged in an annual report to donors appearing in the school calendar. On a more personal level, thank-you letters are sent to all donors. Donors may also be invited to events that enable them to view firsthand the benefits their philanthropy have bestowed on the school. Such events also allow the school’s administration, faculty, and governing board to express their appreciation to Nueva donors.

Can I give my time as well as a charitable gift?

Volunteers are essential to all school operations, and especially to philanthropy at Nueva. Some individuals prefer to help with events, the Benefit Auction, mailings, and office operations, while others agree to request gifts from their peers. The Advancement Office seeks parents to become involved with the Nueva Fund as annual solicitors, Benefit Auction committee chairs, writers and archivists for school communications, and event planners for advancement and alumni/grandparent relations activities. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the activities conducted by the Advancement Office, please contact the Advancement Office at 650-350-4559.

Whom may I contact with questions about philanthropy at Nueva?

The Advancement Office is here to serve you. Please feel free to contact any member of the advancement team with questions or concerns about philanthropy, volunteerism, alumni relations, and campus communications. Meet the advancement team or call 650-350-4518.

I’ve experienced nine amazing years here at Nueva. Nine years filled with a freedom of exploration and independent thinking that no other school has, nine years teeming with new learning experiences."

– Nueva Student