The Annual Benefit Auction returns to the Hillsborough campus on April 6, 2019

Back to the 80s! 
The 2019 Annual Benefit Auction

Saturday, April 6 at the Hillsborough Campus

THANK YOU to our generous community who helped make the Annual Benefit Auction on Saturday, April 6 such a great success, raising funds for student financial aid, and faculty professional development. Thank you for your incredible support of Nueva!

For all Auction inquiries, please contact Michelle Conci in the Development Office:, or 650-350-4611.

See you at the Auction next year! 


Dress up or dress down! Show what you love about the 80s!




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Cocktail Reception?

The Community Cocktail Reception is a community event fundraiser that precedes the Live Auction Dinner. Happening April 6, starting at 5:00 pm on the Hillsborough campus, the Community Cocktail Reception will feature student performances and a silent auction. 

What is the Online Auction?

The Online Auction gives the Nueva community a chance to bid on hundreds of items over a two-week period. It includes everything from $20 gift cards to very high-end experiences. Every year, when the site goes live, the community logs in to try and scoop up highly coveted events. It also gives you a chance to sit down with your kids and have them browse community events just for their age group! For 2019, the Online Auction will launch on March 25 at 6:00 pm. It will end April 4 at 9:00 pm. 

What is the Silent Auction?

The Silent Auction takes place during the Community Cocktail Party. Tickets will be available for $25.00 per person. There will be a variety of items that will not be available elsewhere, from wine to community events. Bid high and bid often. Keep an eye out as you'll likely get outbid, and will need to increase your bid to stay on top. At the end of the night, the highest listed bidder wins the item. For 2019, it starts at 5:00 pm and closes at 6:30.  

What is the Live Auction Dinner?

This portion of the program immediately follows the Community Cocktail Party. Tickets will be available for $175 per person. This event includes a 3-course dinner with wine, and dancing to follow. There will be special auction items ranging from community dinners and parties to class gifts. The Live Auction Dinner will take place from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

What is the "Online Premier" auction category?

Online Premier is a category of items that have strong interest from bidders. It may be because of uniqueness or limited supply, or the item may have been popular in previous auctions. We recommend checking out Online Premier items thoroughly. When you bid, be prepared for competition!

What is a "Count Me In"?

Count Me Ins are group experiences or parties where multiple people can buy in. For example, one Count Me In might have space for ten people. Individual bidders can bid on anywhere from one to all ten slots. 

Because Count Me Ins are designed and hosted by members of the Nueva community, they generate meaningful opportunities for parents, students, and teachers to mingle. They are highly popular and don't have to be elaborate or expensive to host. 

Some examples:

  • A community service activity and pizza party for second graders
  • A cocktails and cooking class for 8 adults
  • A hike + picnic for 3 families

What is the suggested attire?

The evening's theme is "Back to the 80s." Let your creativity run free! Costumes are not necessary. Cocktail and casual attire are both welcome. 


Can I bid even if I cannot attend?

Yes! Arrange for a personal shopper to bid on your behalf at the lowest possible price (up to your maximum bid). You can reach out to the advancement team for a Phantom/Absentee Bidder Form to fill out and return by noon on Friday, April 5, 2019. The Advancement Office will contact you after the auction to inform you if you were a successful bidder, and to arrange for payment and pick-up.

Why should you support the auction?

Today at Nueva, 20% of students receive financial assistance. This means we are able to accept children who are the best fit for Nueva but may not have the resources to attend. The resulting socioeconomic diversity broadens every student's experience; every student benefits from your generosity.

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Auction Inspires Community-Building and Donations of All Shapes and Sizes

Perhaps when you hear the word “auction" you think of a hushed room full of serious people holding paddles, bidding on mysterious artifacts. In true Nueva fashion, it should come to no surprise that the Annual Benefit Auction has transformed that model into an fun, inclusive, and community-driven fundraising event.

What makes a community? How is our school made better by every student, parent, and staff member here? In this video, originally shared at our annual auction, we reflect on the fabric of our community and the ways we all make each other stronger!