Recognized for over 50 years as a world leader in innovative and gifted education, our PreK–12 program continues to develop exciting, meaningful programs and pedagogy. This dynamism and growth has created many employment opportunities at Nueva for talented faculty, staff, and administrators.

Thank you for your interest in the Nueva School! These are exciting times to join the Nueva community. Nueva teachers are lifelong learners, passionate about their subjects, and dedicated to teaching gifted learners. They are collaborative creators who embrace Nueva’s commitment to providing integrated, hands-on, project-based learning for all students. They are invested in differentiating learning to meet the needs of all students, and they join with all adults in the Nueva community to support student and community well-being.

“There is a real sense of collaboration, growth mindset, and learning together, in our teacher community. I feel extremely supported by my colleagues, and they have helped me become a better, more prepared, and kinder teacher.”
— Dalton Lobo Dias,
sixth grade physics teacher, sixth grade advisor; faculty member since 2014

The Innovative Teacher Program (ITP)

Participate in exemplary teaching practices and develop unparalleled teaching experience by joining the Innovative Teacher Program.

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