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Oh, what a night! California Streamin’ was an extraordinary community event for all! Preliminary results show that we exceeded our expectations by raising more than $1.5 million for financial assistance and remote learning professional development. Thank you to our wonderful Auction Committee for working so tirelessly to make this happen. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our amazing community, as gifts continue to roll in today! You can donate until midnight tomorrow, May 19.

The annual benefit auction is the only fundraising event of the year. The entire community comes together to raise over $1m each year for student financial assistance and professional development for faculty and staff.

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Auction Inspires Community-Building and Donations of All Shapes and Sizes

Perhaps when you hear the word “auction" you think of a hushed room full of serious people holding paddles, bidding on mysterious artifacts. In true Nueva fashion, it should come to no surprise that the Annual Benefit Auction has transformed that model into an fun, inclusive, and community-driven fundraising event.

What makes a community? How is our school made better by every student, parent, and staff member here? In this video, originally shared at our annual auction, we reflect on the fabric of our community and the ways we all make each other stronger!