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Dispatch from the Field: Highlights from Upper School and 5th Grade Trips

Our Upper School students, as well as our 5th graders, are traveling in places both near and far this week! From the warm waters of Bonaire to the cool shores of Monterey, the gold of Versailles to the steps of the oldest temple in Taipei, our students are truly engaging with cultures and practices very different than their own. A few students share their favorite moments from their latest adventures.

Photo Walk Series: A Day in the Lower School

This Wednesday, lower school students could be seen seeking mittens in the woods, creatively imitating animals in the ballroom, measuring their teachers on the lawn, and soldering wires in the I-Lab. We invite you to learn more about a variety of lower school class activities.

Our Photo Walk Series aims to provide the community with a snapshot in time—a celebration of work being done across grade levels, content areas, and divisions.

Stop-motion Animation Project Brings Mali Empire Study to Life

In a project that combines art, movement, and theater, third grade students are telling stories of the Mali Empire through stop-motion animation, a sophisticated art form that challenges students to plan out their thoughts, work collaboratively, and use new-to-them technological tools.

Upper School Art Explores Temporality and Permanence

This spring, Nueva Upper School art classes have been exploring the themes of permanence and temporality, and what this means materially, conceptually and visually. Students worked in 2D and 3D formats to investigate the full range of possibilities related to their unique experience and voice. They came to the conclusion that nothing is permanent, and many sought to challenge the human myth of control and static definition related to the industrialized and colonized world.

New Upper School Psychology Program a Hit with Students

Does digital technology change our thinking? Why do art and music affect people differently? Can we predict who a person will be attracted to? How does a person form an identity? Can trauma be inherited? What are the roots of prejudice? These are some of the questions explored by upper school students in psychology.

Does Red Saliency Impact Perception of Anger in Cartoon Characters?

When watching cartoons—Tom and Jerry or Spongebob, for instance—one cinematic feature remains constant. Upon experiencing rage, a character’s face wells up with anger and turns beet red, without fail. This seems too outlandish to imagine being a real life phenomena, but is it truly fiction? I investigated questions like these in my Research in Psychology class, where we had the opportunity to run an experiment on the Nueva population. 

Lee Fertig

Head of School

"Nueva is more than just a school for gifted learners. It’s more than just a place where students focus on design thinking and social emotional learning. It’s a beloved community, inclusive and compassionate, collectively embracing diverse perspectives and empowering everyone to make choices that benefit the world."

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