The 2014 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Fair

Sunday, March 16
12 noon-4 pm

The 2013 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Fair is coming! Nueva students, faculty, parents, and staff will prepare a dazzling variety of hands-on activities and fun, interactive exhibits highlighting the dazzling array of discovery around us. Boats and flumes, hot air balloons, trebuchets and oobleck- be prepared to get engaged and amazed!

~Submit an exhibit here!~


~We need your help! ~

Please volunteer an hour or two of your time to make this cherished event a success. There are lots of opportunities to get involved -- from exhibit helpers to food sales. Can't make it to the Fair? You can still help your child's class prepare a special exhibit ahead of time. Sign up here (log in required).


Important Parking Information

The following parking lots will be available for public parking:

The South Lot (the very first parking lot to your right when you arrive at Nueva), the Mansion Lot, and the Lower Lot. Exhibitors should park in the J-Lot (the parking lot north of the Hillside Learning Complex).