The Equity and Inclusion Institute at the Nueva School is a brave and safe space for educators to further their awareness, commitment, and ability to implement a social justice education. The Institute comes out of the work being done at Nueva through the newly developed Social Justice & Equity Program. This program builds upon the excellent work already being done in Social Emotional Learning and Design Thinking. These foundational pillars of Nueva’s pedagogy and culture are similarly interested in developing intensely curious, critical, and compassionate human beings and, as such, bear much in common with Social Justice & Equity education. All three are rooted in a belief that empathy is a crucial mindset and that reflection and action are two sides of the same coin. Using Social Emotional Learning and Design Thinking as our foundation then, we have designed the Social Justice & Equity program to:

  • Create an inclusive culture where all people are welcomed, valued, empowered, and heard
  • Challenge systemic inequity and oppression by practicing empathy, understanding privilege, transforming conflict, and exploring creative solutions
  • Foster a sense of hope, an impetus to act, and a firm belief that standing up for social justice and equity is both the responsible and just thing to do

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