As part of Nueva's commitment to nurture the whole child, our nationally recognized Social-Emotional Learning program plays an integral role in the curriculum at every grade level. We encourage students to examine their own thoughts and actions and be sensitive to others' feelings and needs. Within the context of guided activities and peer feedback, SEL gives children the tools to be successful within the interpersonal domain, as well as to develop personal resiliency and awareness in the intrapersonal domain.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, students focus on emotional-literacy skills with specialists, homeroom teachers, and advisors. In Lower School, children learn the basic vocabulary of emotions. They acquire cooperation and problem-solving skills and develop an understanding of what it means to be a group member. Students build on these introductory concepts to develop respect for themselves and others, manage strong feelings and impulses, develop effective communication skills, and set academic goals.

In Middle School, curricula broaden to encompass the physical and emotional changes of adolescence and the impact of technology on communication and behavior, providing guidance to analyze stressful social situations, make ethical decisions, and develop leadership skills.

In Upper School, social-emotional learning focuses on enhancing students’ self-awareness and their understanding of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, developing resiliency, empathy, and emotional literacy.

Competencies developed through the SEL curriculum lead to increased resiliency and empathy, and a positive school environment.

The SEL teacher's job is split between classroom-teaching time and responsive time. In the classroom, the teacher focuses on developing SEL skills and techniques, as well as building strong, positive relationships with and among students. Outside the classroom, SEL teachers work with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to support student growth and success by listening and coaching students. Teachers help resolve conflicts between students and facilitate discussions among teachers, students, and parents. SEL teachers provide parent education, including education nights around topics such as technology, sexuality, and drugs.



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