eliseNueva is excited to welcome Elise Maar as the new Director of College Counseling for the high school. Elise -- who comes to Nueva with more than a decade of experience at Stanford University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions and who has reviewed tens of thousands of college applications -- brings a robust and intricate understanding of what universities seek in students applying to college.

"We are incredibly fortunate to have Elise join the high school as she has an impressive professional background and deep knowledge of our philosophical approaches," said Diane Rosenberg, Head of School of The Nueva School. "Elise brings a rare combination of skills and talents."

Thumbnail imageOur school's Mission Statement is: "Our school community inspires passion for lifelong learning, fosters social and emotional acuity, and develops the child's imaginative mind." How does that play out in the daily life of our students? Here is just one example.

The kindergartners are studying Leonardo da Vinci and feeling a connection to this man who, much like them, had an insatiable curiosity and a love of learning, inventing, and creating. Their da Vinci unit is a cross disciplinary study with big SEL ideas. Using Michel Gelb's book How to Think Like Leonardo" as inspiration, the teachers drew from the seven principles that Gelb believes da Vinci lived by. The students have been applying Leonardo's principles to their own time and finding that, hundreds of years later, they are every bit as valuable as they were in Leonardo's time.

The first principle they looked at was Curiosita: Take a curious approach to life. Using the questions that were generated at the start of kindergarten, the children looked at the many areas of study that interest them. Within these questions they discovered different types of questions, including ones that were scientific, evolutionary, and theoretical in nature.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” -- Albert Einstein

One of the many things that makes Nueva unique is something that even eighth graders have often commented on in their graduation speeches -- that Nueva students never seem to lose their sense of wonder, of joy in learning, of pleasure in discovery. One eighth grader even noted that instead of learning to "play sick" to stay home from school, Nueva students learn to "play well," so they won't have to miss a day.

How is this accomplished? Of course there are many important pieces of this puzzle throughout the school, but it surely begins in early childhood. A recent blog post by Heather, one of our kindergarten teachers, may begin to explain how education can begin in joy and proceed in wonder.

markHillsborough, CA – The Nueva School announced today that Mark Schoeffel, one of the nation's leading high-school educators, will be the founding head of Nueva's new high school, opening August 2013.

Schoeffel joins The Nueva School from The Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, where he has been Head of the Upper School since 2006. While there, Schoeffel successfully implemented a significant redesign of the school's 21st-century learning and leadership standards. He also oversaw expansion of the school's upper campus and the creation of Shipley's social-emotional literacy program. Prior to that, Schoeffel spent 12 years in a number of roles at The Lawrenceville School, a co-ed boarding and day school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

HS1Hillsborough, Ca., – The Nueva School, nationally recognized independent preK-8 school, announced today that it is recruiting its first freshman class for the new high school program that will begin fall 2013.

The new high school will have its own state-of-the-art campus in the Bay Meadows redevelopment in San Mateo beginning in 2014-15. Until then, the high school will be located in temporary facilities in San Mateo, just minutes from its Hillsborough campus.

"With The Nueva High School, we hope to preserve the high-school experience for continuous learning, growth, and discovery,'' said Diane Rosenberg, Head of School of The Nueva School. "High-school students at Nueva will have the opportunity to explore their passions and develop their skills, and will be empowered not just to choose, but to define, their own paths forward.''



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