Nueva students walkout in severance of the Valentine's Day attack #MarchForOurLivesOn Wednesday, March 14, students and faculty across all three divisions gathered to express solidarity with the victims and survivors of the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida.

Throughout the day in the Lower School, students and teachers focused on the change individuals and groups can make in their lives, community, environment, and world.

Through special Choice activities, performances, and messages from our young changemakers, lower school students and teachers took the opportunity to lift each other up and celebrate the power of civic engagement.


Nueva encourages students to explore their passions inside and outside the classroom, and each month for the remainder of the year we will share and celebrate a collection of these achievements.

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Come and experience some of the amazing projects that our Nueva learners have been working on at the 2018 STEM Fair this Sunday, March 18, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm at Bay Meadows. 

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With a deep conviction for the importance of learning through art, Carolee Fucigna, Nueva prekindergarten teacher, developed an opportunity for the prekindergarten students to connect their artwork to that of a renowned Brazilian artist, Anna Maria Maiolino.

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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, when the modern American school system was being created, there were two competing models of education. One was the assembly-line model, that saw the goal of schools to be, through a standardized curriculum, the production of a standardized product (children) suited to take their places in an industrialized society. Teachers, in this model, were the line workers: interchangeable operators, trained to do a specific task efficiently and repetitively, given a textbook, workbook, teacher’s manual, and often a script, and expected to stamp out students who met standards, benchmarks, and objectives at pre-set age points.



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