Daniel, a freshman at Nueva, shares his thoughts on Intersession

The seminar was called "How Does UPS Get Your Package to Its Destination on Time?" The three-day curriculum was taught by Keith Devlin of Stanford University and categorized as a course in Creative Math. A snippet from the class summary read as follows: "Many aspects of our lives are controlled by algorithms that make things faster, better, cheaper, more accurate, more efficient, more suited to our needs and desires..."

Morgan HeroFor tenth grader Morgan T., Intersession was a true hands-on experience. From molding a newly discovered species of dinosaur out of clay, to removing a cyst from a pig’s foot in suturing class, to making frosting rosettes on top of a cake, Morgan’s Intersession classes brought new meaning to Nueva’s motto to “learn by doing.” Morgan infused her personal creativity into each seminar and activity session.

Justin Hero“No matter what grade you are in, you are looking forward to Intersession!” said Justin S., a senior enjoying his fourth year of Intersession. “In general, at Nueva, we are engaged, happy, and interested students and that carries through to Intersession. All of my Intersession classmates have been excited to participate.”

Anika Intersession HeroI am a twelfth grader and have been a Nueva student since first grade.

For me, Intersession is six days to step outside of my comfort zone. It’s a really fun way to jump into topics I’m completely new to, and a great opportunity to take seminars rooted in my current interests.

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Continuing a beloved Nueva tradition, upper school students are engaged this week in Intersession, the time between semesters for interdisciplinary exploration with real-world experts. Students chose from a catalogue of over 150 seminars, intensives, activity sessions, and field trips offered during the week of January 3–10 in a wide range of topics extending beyond the usual academic disciplines. From "Making a Dinosaur" to "Cooking with Chef Robert," students enjoyed the transition into the new semester.

Check the January 17 issue of Nueva Digest for complete coverage of the 2018 Intersession.




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