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On the final night of their stay in Cusco, the 16 students and four chaperones of the “Trap Squad,” named for the prominence of the trapezoid in Incan architecture, gathered in the hotel lobby to recap the transformative events of the previous week and get up to speed on their travel plans for the remaining days ahead.

“That feels like it was a month ago!”

When discussing the events of their first few days in Peru — highlighted by getting to know their tour guide, Andres Cordero, visiting ancient ruins, and seeing the night sky of the southern hemisphere at the Cusco Planetarium — the students, in unison, exclaimed how long ago those first few days seemed to be. 

That is the nature of travel — time moves more slowly. The group’s days were full of new tastes, sounds, smells, information, and challenges as they traversed varying geography, urban and rural settings, and generations of history.

 2018 Arts Appreciation Week at Hillsborough

The Hillsborough campus came alive with color when Arts Appreciation Week returned for a second consecutive year, April 23–27. Produced by art teachers Rachel Dawson and Reenie Charriere in partnership with the parent-driven arts committee, student artwork flooded the lower and middle school campuses for a week in a celebration of creativity.

StudentSuccessStories4 25rezNueva encourages students to explore their passions inside and outside the classroom, and each month for the remainder of the year we will share and celebrate a collection of these achievements.

BVVOlfSgRCCs9OoVNWNFg thumb 2ddNueva speech and debate teacher Les Phillips recently won the National Speech & Debate Association’s (NSDA) Seven Diamond Award, an honor bestowed upon only 50 coaches in the Association's 92-year history. The award recognizes both longevity and productivity, and is based on a point system, wherein a coach receives one point for every ten merit points earned by their students. A first diamond is earned when a coach receives 1,500 points, and additional diamonds are earned at specific intervals and for predetermined point totals.

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In this month’s article, “Thinking Critically about Our Practices, Part II: Global Online Academy,” we described Global Online Academy (GOA) and its use as a new tool for personalizing learning for our upper school students. In this piece, we share examples of Nueva lower and middle school teachers using GOA to innovate in their classrooms.



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