US2Nueva welcomed the students and families of its inaugural high school class at an evening reception and dinner on April 16, which was a historic moment for The Nueva School -- one that has been considered, dreamed about, and imagined for more than 20 years!

After more than four years of diligent research and planning, site visits to model programs across the country, land acquisition, leadership and faculty hiring, and one of the most inspirational admissions seasons in Nueva's history, we have now officially welcomed the incoming class of 77 registered students who will begin grade 9 in August.

During the welcome reception, the energy in the I-Lab and Café was simply electric. Families, students, and teachers shared their excitement with each other as they gathered together, enjoyed the first of many community dinners, and heard from our school leadership and Co-Chair of the Board, Dennis Wong, about this momentous class and what this time means for our community and its future.

catapultAn April edition of the Financial Times Weekend Magazine included a story about Nueva's recent Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Fair (STEM Fair) and the school community's entrepreneurial spirit. 

FT described the STEM extravaganza as "a science fair on steroids," and highlighted the giant sandwich-making machine, which used sunbutter not peanut butter in keeping with our nut-free campus. The profile also highlighted the I-Lab, robotics, and the extensive dedication and professional contributions of our school's parent volunteers. Here is an excerpt from the end of the story regarding the entrepreneurship elective:

The school even started its own entrepreneurship class, with the help of one of the dads, Steve Vassallo, a partner at Foundation Capital. Nine-, 10- and 11-year-olds work in groups to write a business plan, then present it to a panel of bona fide venture capitalists in seven-minute pitches, PowerPoints included.

KQED1A significant part of why Kim Saxe -- Nueva's K-12 Innovation Lab Director –- loves her job is the perpetual opportunity to foster students' creativity while helping them think critically about how and where they get their best ideas. Kim revealed these and other details about her teaching and Nueva's integrated design thinking program during a recent interview with KQED, which tapped her expertise to illustrate how schools implement design thinking.

"It's really a way to make people more effective and to supercharge their innate capabilities," Kim said in the interview.

"Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs." -- Vaclav Havel

Thumbnail imageNueva began with the vision of Karen Stone McCown and grew from her conviction that each individual has a responsibility to make the world a better place. At the time, gifted education was in its infancy, and social-emotional learning, design thinking, and the host of other radical approaches to education, introduced at Nueva and now widely accepted, weren't even a glimmer in the eyes of the nation's education leaders.

This vision led directly to venture, and Nueva's founding and continuing mission: to create a dynamic educational model to enable gifted children to learn how to make choices that will benefit the world; to inspire passion for lifelong learning, foster social and emotional acuity, and develop the child's imaginative mind.

Nearly two decades ago, Nuevans had a new vision. Some years before we had added a middle school to the original elementary grades, and now the obvious next step was to expand this unique and revolutionary school by adding a high school. But what is obvious may not always be easy, and for years this vision remained urealized.

eliseNueva is excited to welcome Elise Maar as the new Director of College Counseling for the high school. Elise -- who comes to Nueva with more than a decade of experience at Stanford University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions and who has reviewed tens of thousands of college applications -- brings a robust and intricate understanding of what universities seek in students applying to college.

"We are incredibly fortunate to have Elise join the high school as she has an impressive professional background and deep knowledge of our philosophical approaches," said Diane Rosenberg, Head of School of The Nueva School. "Elise brings a rare combination of skills and talents."



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