web debateThe Upper School debate team had an outstanding season full of remarkable performances, but what stands out most about these exceptional students is how dedicated they were all season to perfecting their arguments.

“This is an extraordinarily self-motivating, self-starting group of debaters,” according to debate teacher Les Phillips. “They frequently come into class with suggestions and the work done already. They’ve anticipated me. They set up practices on their own beyond what I’m able to schedule.

“They’re unusually concerned with arguments and the quality of supporting evidence,” he added. “In competitive terms, they’ve vastly exceeded everyone’s initial expectations.”

Monster ProjectNinth graders created their own ideal monsters based on a specific time period after reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

“The students were asked to really look into their own fears and the fears of their time periods,” English teacher Alexa Hart said. “The idea of addressing fears is a very human need. We create monsters to think about our fears.”

Students researched various monsters and various time periods that interested them; interviewed authors, designers, video game designers, and screenwriters who make monsters professionally; reflected on the relationship between the creator and the monster; and then designed their own monster.


10 245px USfeminismUpper School student Meera S. is working hard this year to raise awareness on campus about feminism.

She started a feminism club and with club members' assistance recently organized a feminism conference as part of her Quest Expo — an opportunity for students to spend a year investigating and learning about a passion of their choosing.

Stephen DunnStephen Dunn has accepted Nueva’s Head of Upper School position, and will begin his term on July 1, 2016.

Upper School student Michael B. has amassed a collection of 600 plants that he grows in a greenhouse at home.

“My plants are to some degree my children,” the tenth-grader said. “I’m more in tune with plants and the nature that surrounds us that most people don’t notice. When walking by I notice if plants are sick. I notice what’s in season.”



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