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Hero photo 1920 AWE HeroNext month, Nueva will once again host two weekends of learning in partnership with Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development. The program is being expanded to include students in grades 3–8.

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It was the third week of school, and, at the Bay Meadows campus, upper school students were digging deeper into their classes. Overhead fans stirred the warm air. Backpacks lined the halls. Conversations moved from classrooms to hallways to faculty pods as students discovered and pursued their interests.

Hero photo 1920 MS originalFor many students, making mistakes can often invite feelings of frustration and shame. Gifted learners, especially, often struggle with perfectionism and other pressures that come with being high achievers. At Nueva, we want to encourage a growth mindset that propels students to take risks and see mistakes along the way as exciting opportunities for improvement and understanding, rather than an indication of fixed abilities.

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For five weeks this summer, the Hillsborough campus was buzzing with activity as nearly 1,700 campers in grades K–12 took part in a variety of camps designed to capture their interests while keeping them active and intellectually engaged.

ILCThis October, Nueva will present the 2017 Innovative Learning Conference. Held every two years, the ILC brings together educational thought leaders, teachers, and parents from Northern California and around the world. You’ll find details and the list of speakers (still being added to) on the ILC website



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