11 ForVLPArticle 17 NinthGradeVLP DSC03398A new round of Visible Learning Project posters are now displayed in locations at all three divisions. The projects feature preK through first-grade students learning in the garden, our seventh-grade students’ interdisciplinary study of global commodities, and the ninth-grade English students’ creative response to their recent exploration of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

The Visible Learning Project documents projects happening schoolwide at Nueva. Through observation, photography, and discussion with teachers and students, the work aims to highlight our approach to project-based learning in a way that is accessible to all.

“Each week, we welcome guests from throughout the country and around the world to tour our school and see 10 ForVLPArticle 34 Garden VLP IMG 0734our community at work,” explains VLP steward Jim Morrison. “My hope is that the VLP provides a similar, but more immersive experience for our community — one that aims to celebrate the effort, creativity, thoughtful planning, and persistence of our teachers and students as they move through the various stages of their assignments and projects.

“In my time working across three divisions, I see so many common threads in our classrooms. There is an organic spiraling-up of the acquisition and implementation of research skills, habits of mind, student-led inquiry, opportunities for reflection, and a balance of individual and team-based activities.”

12 ForVLPArticle DSC03888The current VLP posters ­— hung in the Mansion Courtyard, J-Plaza, and main hallway at Bay Meadows ­— affirm that true learning is often the result of close observation and thoughtful examination from multiple viewpoints — often through the lens of multiple disciplines.

To explore current and past Visible Learning Project documentation, please visit the VLP page today.



 December 13, 2017



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