December 19, 2014

Last Friday, the Hillsborough campus turned into an arts exposition as students from grades 6-8 celebrated the culmination of the first semester of work in elective and art classes.  In true opening night fashion, refreshments were served and the artists in training circulated with their mentors to explain their process to an audience of parents, faculty, and staff. 

This past weekend, families and friends were treated to The Nueva School's Musical Theatre Academy's 10th annual middle school production. The students performed Lerner & Loewe's Brigadoon, the story of two American tourists who stumble upon a mysterious Scottish village. This Broadway classic featured humor, romance and, of course, dancing!

Eton S. starred as Tommy Albright, who with friend Jeff Douglas, gets lost in a mysterious Scottish town named Brigadoon.
David F. starred as Jeff Douglas, a city slicker from New York who wandered into Brigadoon with friend Tommy Albright.
Villagers of Brigadoon congregate on MacConnachy Square on market day.
Villagers of Brigadoon dance in the square on market day.
Hunter H. starred as Fiona MacLaren, who falls in love with Tommy Albright.
Charlie Dalrymple, played by Louis B., toasts the new visitors to Brigadoon.
Jeff Douglas tries to fend off the overly friendly Meg Brockie, played by Jenna L.
Charlie sings and dances in anticipation of his wedding to Jean MacLaren.
Scottish dancing by Sarah B.
Fiona and Tommy prepare to collect heather on the hill (and to fall in love)
Jeff continues to ward off Meg’s romantic interest.
Harry Beaton, played by Cameron C., declares his love for soon-to-be-married Jean MacLaren. Eliot C, right, played Jean’s father, Andrew.
Jean MacLaren, played by eighth-grader Audrey C., dances before her wedding.
Elder statesman Mr. Lundie, played by Anjali S., tells the story of Brigadoon, and the Brigadoon miracle, to Fiona, Tommy, and Jeff.
The Scottish clans wear their tartans to the wedding. Left to right: Sandy Dean (Tyler G.), Maggie (Sarah B.), Leathan (Naila W.), Charlie (Louis B.), and Abigail (Lucy B.)
Mr. Lundie presides over the marriage of Jean and Charlie.
True to form, Meg frolics at the wedding party as the bride and groom look on.
The wedding guests dance, before things take a somber turn.
Annie Beaton, played by Asante S., mourns the death of her son, Harry.
Tommy, back in New York, meets his fiancé, Jane, played by Emily S., at a bar. He can’t stop thinking about Fiona, so he decides to go back to Scotland to try to find her (which he does!).
The Brigadoon crew gets a standing ovation after Friday night’s performance.
Bonus photo: Several Nueva dads (including these three) wore kilts to every performance, in support of their children who were performing in the play. Photo: Paula Murphy.

Photos by Anna Sheen

September 18, 2014

At the most fundamental level, Nueva is a community—a community of learners, teachers, families, and individuals, whose roles alternate and evolve continually.

SIZED MS Advisory camping trip 2nd export 3 of 5Establishing and learning to draw support from your community is paramount to success at Nueva and is integrated into the curriculum from PreK throughout the Upper School.

SIZED MS Advisory camping trip Sept 2014 10 of 13     SIZED MS Advisory camping trip Connors Buds 1 of 1

In the Middle School, students are organized into academic groupings with names like emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond, and earth, fire, water, air. However, it is a student’s advisory that becomes his/her core group. 

SIZED MS Advisory camping trip 2nd export 2 of 5    SIZED MS Advisory camping trip Sept 2014 7 of 13

“Is my advisory academic? I do advise my students throughout their academic career, but it’s more like a family.  We are there for each other through the hard stuff, but sometimes families need to have fun and bond together, too,” says Japanese teacher Zac Carr. 

SIZED MS Advisory camping trip Sept 2014 13 of 13To provide a time and place to catalyze these connections, advisory camping trips are planned for the beginning and end of every year in the Middle School.   While many students already know each other beforehand, the time spent together off-campus forges relationships that students will rely on throughout the rest of their academic career and beyond. 

SIZED MS Advisory camping trip Sept 2014 12 of 13    SIZED MS Advisory camping trip Sept 2014 bus 1 of 1


On September 18, students and faculty advisors alike packed up their gear (generously donated by parents) and headed to locations across the Bay Area.  As one fifth grader answered when asked if he was nervous about camping, being away from home, or spending time with older students,

    “I’m not that nervous...I have lots of fifth and sixth grade friends in my advisory.” 

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September 17, 2014

Tom on Meredith Vieira

Tom McFadden, an 8th grade biology teacher at the Nueva School, traveled to NYC to perform on the Meredith Vieira Show on September 12. He was invited to appear on the program because of the science rap videos that he and his students have been producing in recent years. We agree with what surprise guest Lil Jon said on the show:  McFadden is “making it cool to learn.”

Also, see “The Hygiene Hypothesis rap video,” created in the Spring 2014 "Science Rap Academy," starring our very own 7th and 8th graders from Nueva. Other student videos, include “Cataracts Rap.


This is the final product of the Spring 2014 "Science Rap Academy," starring our very own 7th and 8th graders from Nueva.



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