FS MSathleticsTableTennisNueva Middle School Athletics proudly announces the addition of a pilot program in table tennis for grades five through eight. Table tennis, led by Dalton Lobo Dias, middle school physics teacher and tennis coach, has been a popular Academy for several years.

A chance meeting of Dalton with Olympic table tennis players and coaches last spring paved the way for this fast-paced, fun sport to come to Nueva. Dalton’s passion for table tennis, combined with our students’ desire to improve their skills through competition, has sparked a student following. Team practices are spirited, and an end-of-season tournament is being planned.

Dalton’s enthusiasm for this pilot program is overflowing. “This is happening because of all the student desire, and we found the support, and now it’s here. We are ready to take Nueva table tennis to the next level, with focused practices, expert coaching, attention to technique, and fun, challenging play. We hope other schools will follow our lead and start programs so we can continue to grow the sport at the competitive level."

With his giant smile, he couldn’t help adding, “This is one of the reasons I love teaching and coaching at Nueva. Our students’ passions become actualized, both in the classroom and on the court!”

In addition to table tennis, our middle school athletes have come out in force this winter season: Nueva will field four girls’ basketball teams and four boys’ soccer teams in grades four through eight.

Our middle school athletics staff comprises former collegiate, professional, and Olympic coaches eager to provide an unrivaled middle school athletic program experience. Coaches Rometra, Gary, Lissie, Alison, Chris, Daniel, Azmi, Carlos, Juan, Dalton, and Barney are experienced and primed for a successful season, dedicated to creating lasting memories and personal growth for all involved. Integral to the Nueva middle school program, this late winter athletics season will provide a forum for cross-grade collaboration, interscholastic competition, and social and emotional growth.

Visit our Middle School teams and schedules webpages for game details. For more information about the table tennis team or other athletics offerings , please contact athletics@nuevaschool.org.


 January 27, 2017



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